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This book is packed full of excellent information. I read the first couple of chapters & loved the information on early reading. I immediately started reading chapter books to my 5 year olds, feeling very motivated & informed from the authors information. Then the next couple of chapters kind of lost interest with me & I almost quit reading it. I'm very glad I stuck with it though, because the it caught my interest again & the information I learned was so helpful as a parent of kindergarteners. I was really feeling kind of lost as to how to help my kids, how inovled to be with their learning without getting in the way of what the school was trying to teach, & wondering how my kids were doing over all. This book empowered me with the information I need to help my kids & help my kids teachers from now until they are in highschool. I am really glad I read this book. Lydia Bellino & Lucy Calkins have a wonderful way to approaching learning that makes it fun & practical for children of todays world. I highly recomnend this book to all parents with school aged or preschoold aged children.  

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I loved this book. I liked the way she reminded me that children learn things through play not through books. Excellent book. Every parent must read this.

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