The Elements of Physiology and Hygiene: A Text-book for Educational Institutions

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D. Appleton, 1868 - Human physiology - 420 pages
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Page 251 - ... conscious actions into more or less unconscious, or reflex, operations. It may be laid down as a rule, that if any two mental states be called up together, or in succession, with due frequency and vividness, the subsequent production of the one of them will suffice to call up the other, and that whether we desire it or not.
Page 176 - ... how it is that anything so remarkable as a state of consciousness comes about as the result of irritating nervous tissue, is just as unaccountable as the appearance of the Djin when Aladdin rubbed his lamp in the story.
Page 222 - At this time Mrs. A. had no idea that the sight of the cat was an illusion. When she was asked to touch it, she got up for the purpose, and seemed as if she were pursuing something which moved away. She followed a few steps, and then said,
Page 223 - October, when sitting in the drawingroom, on one side of the fire-place, she saw the figure of another deceased friend moving towards her from the window at the farther end of the room. It approached the fire-place, and sat down in the chair opposite. As there were several persons in the room at the time, she describes the idea uppermost in her mind to have been a fear lest they should...
Page 220 - She then opened two other doors of the same room, and upon seeing no person, she returned to the fireplace. After a few moments, she heard the same voice still calling : " , come to me ! come ! come away!
Page 250 - There is a story, which is credible enough, though it may not be true, of a practical joker, who, seeing a discharged veteran carrying home his dinner, suddenly called out, 'Attention!' whereupon the man instantly brought his hands down, and lost his mutton and potatoes in the gutter. The drill had been thorough, and its effects had become embodied in the man's nervous structure...
Page 417 - Hemispherical Ganglia ; Cortical Cells of the Cerebral Hemispheres; Ideational Nervous Centres, Primary Nervous Centres; Intellectorium Commune. — VI.
Page 284 - Invariably it will be found on examination that a truly scrofulous disease is caused by a vitiated air, and it is not always necessary that there should have been a prolonged stay in such an atmosphere. Often a few hours each day is sufficient...

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