the new england historical and genealogical register

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Page 318 - He that withholdeth corn, the people shall curse him : but blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth it.
Page 94 - THE LANDING AT CAPE ANNE; or, THE CHARTER OF THE FIRST PERMANENT COLONY ON THE TERRITORY OF THE MASSACHUSETTS COMPANY. Now discovered, and first published from the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT, with an inquiry into its authority, and a HISTORY OF THE COLONY, 1624-1628, Roger Conant, Governor. By J. WINGATE THORNTON. 8vo, cloth 2.50. Of " A rare contribution to the early history of New England.
Page 96 - The Pilgrim Fathers— Collections concerning the Church or Congregation of Protestant Separatists formed at Scrooby, in North Nottinghamshire, in the time of James I., the Founders of New Plymouth, the Parent Colony of New England.
Page 206 - WIT AND MIRTH ; or, PILLS TO PURGE MELANCHOLY. Being a Collection of the best Merry Ballads and Songs, Old and New. Fitted to all Humours, having each their proper Tune for either Voice or Instrument ; most of the Songs being new set.
Page 105 - Memoirs of the Principal Transactions of the Last War between the ENGLISH and FRENCH in NORTH AMERICA. From the Commencement of it in 1744, to the conclusion of the Treaty of Aix LA CHAPELLE. Containing in Particular An Account of the Importance of NOVA SCOTIA or Acadie and the Island of Cape BRETON to both Nations.
Page 14 - Change in full dress ; which implied at that time, for elderly persons, usually a coat of some lightrcolored cloth, small-clothes, diamond or paste buckles at the knee and in the shoes, silk stockings, powdered hair, and a cocked hat ; in cold weather, a scarlet cloak. A scarlet cloak and a white head were, in the last century, to be seen at the end of every pew in some of the Boston. churches.
Page 288 - SAPPHIRE, an Indian, dressed in bis Shirt, Moggosins, belted proper, in his right hand a Bow, TOPAZ, in his left an Arrow, its point towards the Base; of the second, on the Dexter side of the Indian's head, a Star, PEARL, for one of the United States of America. CREST. On a Wreath a Dexter Arm clothed and ruffled proper, grasping a Broad Sword, the Pummel and Hilt, TOPAZ, with this Motto : Ense petit placidam Sub Libértate Quietem.
Page 267 - ONLY being paid, it shall be thenceforth lawful and free for the said Adventurers, the same Goods and...
Page 155 - Seal to the definitive Treaty with Great Britain, Which acknowledged that Independence, And consummated the redemption of his pledge. On the fourth of July, 1826, He was summoned To the Independence of Immortality, And to the JUDGMENT OF HIS GOD.
Page 266 - Virginia, all such and so many of our loving subjects, or any other strangers that will become our loving subjects and live under our Allegiance, as shall willingly accompany them in the said voyage and plantation...

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