The Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, for 1871: Comprising a Brief History of Colorado ... Together with a Complete and Accurate Directory of Denver, Golden City, Black Hawk, Central City, Nevada, Idaho, Georgetown ... First Year of Publication

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S. S. Wallihan, 1870 - Colorado - 442 pages

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Page 19 - Robinson, who was in front with me; but in half an hour they appeared in full view before us. When our small party arrived on the hill they with one accord gave three cheers to the Mexican mountains.
Page 19 - The summit of the Grand Peak, which was entirely bare of vegetation and covered with snow, now appeared at the distance of 15 or 16 miles from us, and as high again as what we had ascended...
Page 85 - All over the mining districts are well-in arked anticlinal, synclinal, and what I have called monoclinal valleys. Nearly all the little streams flow a portion or all their way through these monoclinal valleys or rifts. In most cases the streams pass along these rifts from source to mouth, but occasionally burst through the upheaved ridges at right angles, and resuming its course again in some monoclinal opening. There are a few instances of these streams flowing along anticlinal valleys, and by...
Page 85 - There are a few instances of these streams flowing along anticlinal valleys, and by anyone these remarks will be at once understood by studying the myriad little branches of Clear Creek or South Platte, which flow for long distances through the mining districts. In these valleys are oftentimes accumulated immense deposits of modern drift. Sometimes there are proofs that these valleys have been gorged for a time, and a bed of very coarse gravel and boulders will accumulate, hundreds of feet in thickness....
Page ii - This gradual and continuous progress of the European race towards the Rocky Mountains has the solemnity of a providential event ; it is like a deluge of men rising unabatedly, and daily driven onward by the hand of God.
Page 412 - ... up the mountain. In the upper part of the rock, which had apparently been formed by deposition, was a beautiful white basin, overhung by currant bushes, in which the cold clear water bubbled up, kept in constant motion by the escaping gas, and overflowing the rock, which it had almost entirely covered with a smooth crust of glistening white.
Page 29 - It is bounded on the north by Wyoming and Nebraska, on the east by Nebraska and Kansas, on the south by New Mexico and Oklahoma, and on the west by Utah.
Page 68 - Eemains of fishes are almost always found in the dark shales of No. 2. The black shales of No. 4 are quite conspicuous and well marked, and have been quite thoroughly prospected for coal, but to no purpose. These black shales pass gradually up into yellow rusty arenaceous clays which characterize No. 5 ; and No. 5 passes up into the •lignite tertiary beds, where they can be seen in contact, without any ! well-defined line of separation that I could ever discover.
Page 85 - Many of the ranges have a nucleus of metamorphic rocks, though the central and highest portions may be composed of eruptive peaks and ridges. In this case the igneous material is thrust up in lines of the same direction as the trend. It becomes, therefore, evident that all the operations of the eruptive forces were an event subsequent to the elevation of the metamorphic nucleus.
Page 67 - Near the base of these beds are thin layers of a fine grained grayish calcareous sandstone, with a species of Ostrea and fragments of Pentacrinus asteriscus.

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