The Letters of a Conservative: In which are Shown the Only Means of Saving what is Left of the English Church. Addrest to Lord Melbourne

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Saunders and Otley, 1836 - 100 pages
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Page 23 - CImrch in that country, is the system of conferring her Bishoprics on Englishmen. For the last century not one individual has ruled a Welsh diocese who possessed the faintest knowledge of the language of the people ! No one would protest more strongly than I should against a puerile clamour at an Englishman holding a high office in Wales, merely because he was an Englishman; my objection is founded purely on the broad Protestant principles of the Church of England...
Page 56 - That a convenient sum shall be " paid and distributed yearly out of the fruits and profits of " the several Churches, by those who shall have the said " Churches in proper use, and by their successors, to the poor " parishioners in aid of their living and sustenance for ever.
Page 20 - Church, and never was there one," said Landor, " in which the Ministers of religion have so little intercourse with the people as the English. Sunday is the only day that brings them together and not in contact. No feelings are interchanged, or sorrows or joys or hopes communicated. Unpreceded by inquiry or advice, command and denunciation follow the roll call of the day.
Page 28 - ... that the Almighty is too merciful and too wise for anger or displeasure at it. Would one of these kind-hearted priests be surly at being taken for another ? Certainly not : and quite as certainly the Maker of mankind will graciously accept their gratitude, whether the offering be laid in the temple or the turf, whether in the enthusiasm of the heart, before a beautiful image, expressing love and benignity, or, without any visible object, in the bleak and desert air.
Page 72 - Thou shalt love the LORD thy GOD, and thy neighbour as thyself.
Page 88 - Lamb speaks of realities which ' are heing acted before us,' and of ' a man who is being strangled' " Walter Savage Landor, in an imaginary conversation, represents Pitt as saying : ' The man who possesses them may read Swedenborg and Kant while he is being tossed in a blanket.' Again : ' I have seen nobles, men and women, kneeling in the street before these bishops, when no ceremony of the Catholic Church was being performed.' Also, in a translation from Catullus : ' Some criminal is being tried...
Page 6 - A prelate must no longer be estimated at thirty admirals; a greater number than ever were in commission at once during the most prosperous of our wars." the Church, partly by legislation initiated by Peel 1 and carried on by Russell. An organ for internal reform was set up in the Ecclesiastical Commission ; 2 scandals disappeared : attempts were made to supply the neglected districts by new bishoprics at Manchester and Ripon ; the glaring inequality...
Page 27 - Llanbedr, ho feels more kindly now than of yore, in comparison with those of the Irish: — In the Irish we see the fire and vivacity of a southern people : their language, their religion, every thought is full of images. They have been, and ever must be, idolaters. Do not let their good clergy be angry with me for the expression. I mean no harm by it. Firmly do I believe that the Almighty is too merciful and too wise for anger or displeasure at it. Would one of these kind-hearted priests be surly...

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