Epistolę Ho-Elianę: The Familiar Letters of James Howell, Volume 1

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1907 - England

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Page xvi - LongParliament, whereby occasion is taken to speak of parliaments in former times, and of Magna Charta, with some reflexes upon government in general.
Page 367 - VIII's time, and coming home rich, and dying a bachelor, he gave that hall to the Company of Drapers, with other things, so that he is accounted one of their chiefest benefactors.
Page 131 - ... every year to the king ; and one Mr. Daniel, a worthy gentleman hard by, who hath been long abroad, makes good store in his vintage. Truly this house of Long...
Page 325 - World) is of a more Lovely and lasting Complexion, a dark brown ; she hath Eyes that sparkle like Stars ; and for her Physiognomy, she may be said to be a Mirror of Perfection.
Page 103 - English nation or language had any being) by so long a coalition and tract of time the two nations must needs copulate and mix : insomuch that I believe there is yet remaining in Wales many of the Roman race, and divers in Italy of the British.
Page 62 - ... before he come in sight of it, many leagues off, by the strong odoriferous scent it casts. As it is the most pleasant, so it is also the...
Page 104 - At last, being come to the conclusion, which was (after all his railing), — ' Now God preserve the King, the Queen, the peers, And grant the Author long may wear his ears ; ' this pleased his Majesty so well, that he broke into a laughter, and said, ' By my soul, so thou shalt, for me. Thou art a bitter, but thou art a witty knave...
Page 243 - Again, of the Prince's final departure from that court. "The king and his two Brothers accompanied his Highness to the Escurial some twenty miles off, and would have brought him to the Sea-side, but that the Queen is big, and hath not many days to go. When the King and he parted, there past wonderful great Endearments and Embraces in divers postures between them a long time ; and in that place there is a Pillar to be erected as a monument to Posterity.
Page 10 - I COULD not shake hands with England, without kissing your hands also : and because, in regard of your distance now from London, I cannot do it in person, I send this paper for my deputy. The news that keeps greatest noise here now, is the return of Sir Walter Raleigh from his myne of gold in Guiana the south parts of America, which at first was like to be such a hopefull boon...
Page 362 - ... my heart to tremble within my breast. Now it is a penitential Rule, That if Sins present do not please thee, Sins past will not hurt thee.

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