The Mysteries of Mithra

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Open Court, 1903 - Mithraism - 239 pages
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Page 245 - THE HISTORY OF THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, From the Earliest Times to the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.
Page 246 - Lao-Tze's Tao Teh King Chinese-English. With Introduction, Transliteration, and Notes. By DR. PAUL CARUS. With a photogravure frontispiece of the traditional picture of Lao-Tze, specially drawn for the work by an eminent Japanese artist. Appropriately bound in yellow and blue, with gilt top. Pages, 345. $3.00 (l 5s.). "A truly remarkable achievement.
Page 47 - From the banks of the Black Sea to the mountains of Scotland and to the borders of the great Sahara Desert, along the entire length of the Roman frontier, Mithraic monuments abound.
Page 195 - They both preached a categorical system of ethics, regarded asceticism as meritorious, and counted among their principal virtues abstinence and continence, renunciation and self-control. Their conceptions of the world and of the destiny of man were similar. They both admitted the existence of a Heaven inhabited by beatified ones, situate in the upper regions, and of a Hell peopled by demons, situate in the bowels of the earth. They both placed a Flood at the beginning of history; they both assigned...
Page 246 - Chinese Fiction By the REV. GEORGE T. CANDLIN. With illustrations from original Chinese works, specimen facsimile reproductions of texts, and translations of representative passages. Giving a clear and vivid resume of Chinese romantic literature.
Page 171 - Mithra, hitherto kept veiled, was uncovered before the eyes of the initiates. In some temples, the sculptured slab, like our tabernacles, revolved on a pivot, and alternately concealed and exposed the figures that adorned its two faces. Each day in the week, the Planet to which the day was sacred was invoked in a fixed spot in the crypt; and Sunday, over which the Sun presided, was especially holy.
Page 149 - ... it had received in its descent to the earth. It abandoned to the Moon its vital and nutritive energy, to Mercury its desires, to Venus its wicked appetites, to the Sun its intellectual capacities, to Mars its love of war, to Jupiter its ambitious dreams, to Saturn its inclinations. It was naked, stripped of every vice and every sensibility, when it penetrated the eighth heaven to enjoy there, as an essence supreme, and in the eternal light that bathed the gods, beatitude without end.
Page 248 - Eros and Psyche. Retold After Apuleius. By DR. PAUL CARUS. Half-tone reproductions, with ornamental borders, of the famous illustrations of PAUL THUMANN. Printed from pica type on Strathmore deckleedge paper, elegantly bound, and with classic cover design by E. BIEDERMANN. One of the quaintest stories of the world's folk-lore. Pages, xv, 108. Price, $1.50 net.
Page 247 - Yamada.. $2.50 net. (15s.) 316. THE TEMPLES OF THE ORIENT AND THEIR MESSAGE IN THE LIGHT OF HOLY SCRIPTURE, Dante's Vision, and Bunyan's Allegory. By the author of "Clear Round !" "Things Touching the King,
Page 153 - When the initiated betook himself in the evening to the sacred grotto concealed in the solitude of the forest, at every step new sensations awakened in his heart some mystical emotion. The stars that shone in the sky, the wind that whispered in the foliage, the spring or brook...

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