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Page 529 - The manufacturers of Listerine are proud of Listerine— because, it has proved one of the most successful formulae of modern pharmacy. This measure of success has been largely due to the happy thought of securing a two-fold antiseptic effect in the one preparation, ie, the antiseptic effect of the ozoniferous oils and ethers, and that of the mild, non-irritating boric acid radical of Listerine. Pharmacal elegance, strict uniformity in constituents and methods of manufacture, together with a certain...
Page 132 - They feed on thorns and expect to pick roses. Later, they find they have sown indigestion and are reaping ptomaines. It's a wonderful laboratory, this human body. But it can't prevent the formation of deadly poisons within its very being. Indeed, the alimentary tract may be regarded as one great laboratory for the manufacture of dangerous substances. "Biliousness" is a forcible illustration of the formation and the absorption of poisons, due largely to an excessive proteid diet.
Page 532 - The National Medical Exchange. Physicians', Dentists' and Druggists' locations and property bought, sold, rented and exchanged. Partnerships arranged. Assistants and substitutes provided. Business strictly confidential. Medical, pharmaceutical and scientific books supplied at lowest rates. Send ten cents for Monthly Bulletin containing terms, locations, and list of books. All inquiries promptly answered. Address. HA MUMAW, MD.
Page 176 - PRACTICAL DIETETICS, with Reference to Diet in Disease. — By ALIDA FRANCES PATTEE, Graduate Boston Normal School of Household Arts ; Late Instructor in Dietetics, Bellevue Training School for Nurses. Bellevue Hospital, New York City; Special Lecturer at Bellevue, Mount Sinai, Hahnemann, and the Flower Hospital Training Schools for Nurses, New York City ; St. Vincent de Paul Hospital, Brockville, Ontario, Canada. Fourth edition. I2mo, cloth, 300 pages. Price, $1.00. net: by mail, $1.10; COD, $1.25....
Page 344 - With a wide open field, if necessary, the aid of anesthesia, the protoscope and the laboratory, there is usually not much difficulty in making a diagnosis — a diagnosis inseparably linked with its dependents — treatment and prognosis. Under the influence of progressive proctologic work, ignorance and indifference to the recognition and treatment of rectal diseases is rapidly disappearing from the average medical man, as well as from the average layman. As a result of which the sum total of human...
Page 305 - August issue will be devoted entirely to typhoid fever. These issues always attract considerable attention. The editor will forward copies to physicians applying for same.
Page 132 - When a cathartic is desired administer the tablets as directed and follow with a saline draught the next morning before breakfast. This will hasten peristaltic action and assist in removing, at once, the accumulated fecal matter.
Page 251 - All things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them ; for this is the law and the prophets : Matt, vii, 12.
Page 418 - Another case of interest reported was that of a "Sarcoma of the Rectum in a boy" aged ten years by Cecil Rountree. (Proceedings Royal Society of Medicine, February, 1908.) The pathological examination showed the tumor to be a mixed cell sarcoma. Of five hundred and ninety-six cases analyzed in the Cancer Research Laboratory, of the Middlesex Hospital Reports, there were only six cases under thirty years of age, — the age of the youngest, a boy of sixteen years, who had a sarcoma of the rectum....
Page 351 - THE MODERN TREATMENT OF HAY FEVER. — Whatever be the accepted views as to the pathology and etiology of hay fever, there is little difference of opinion concerning its importance and the severity of its symptoms. An agent that is capable of controlling the catarrhal inflammation, allaying the violent paroxysms of sneezing and the abundant lacrimation, cutting short the asthmatic attack when it becomes a part of the clinical ensemble, and, finally, sustaining the heart and thus preventing the great...

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