A Classical Dictionary: Containing a Copious Account of All Proper Names Mentioned in Ancient Authors, with the Value of Coins, Weights, and Measures Used Among the Greeks and Romans, and a Chronological Table

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J. Crissy, 1822 - Classical dictionaries - 754 pages
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Page 20 - Hygeia, who was the daughter of that old herb-doctor ^Esculapius, and who is represented on monuments holding a serpent in one hand, and in the other a cup out of which the serpent sometimes drinks ; but rather of Hebe, cup-bearer to Jupiter, who was the daughter of Juno and wild lettuce, and who had the power of restoring gods and men to the vigor of youth.
Page 40 - The Athenians have been admired in all ages for their love of liberty, and for the great men that were born among them ; but favour there was attended with danger ; and there are very few instances in the history of Athens that can prove that the jealousy and frenzy of the people did not persecute...
Page 12 - He was some time after purified of the murder, and his insanity ceased ; but the gods persecuted him more, and he was visited by a disorder which obliged him to apply to the oracle of Delphi for relief. The coldness with which the Pythia received him irritated him, and he resolved to plunder Apollo's temple and carry away the sacred tripod. Apollo opposed him, and a severe conflict was begun, which nothing but the interference of Jupiter with his thunderbolts could have prevented. He was upon this...
Page 38 - Astraea ; but the wickedness and impiety of mankind drove her to heaven in the brazen and iron ages, and she was placed among the constellations of the zodiac, under the name of Virgo.
Page 132 - ... should make of one among them ; and engage to unite together to defend her person and character, if ever any attempts were made to ravish her from the arms of her husband.
Page 123 - It continued for eleven days, during which time presents were carried to the graves of the deceased, marriages were forbidden, and the temples of the gods were shut. It was universally believed, that the manes of their departed friends came and hovered over their graves, and feasted upon the provisions that the hand of piety and affection had procured for them. Their punishments, it was believed, were also suspended, and during that time they enjoyed rest and liberty ^ Lucian, in his accustomed manner,...
Page 132 - They lived naked, as their name implies, and for thirty-seven years they exposed themselves iu the open air, to the heat of the sun, the" inclemency of the seasons, and the coldness of the night. They were often seen in the fields fixing their eyes full upon the disc of the sun, from the time of its rising till the hour of its setting. Sometimes they stood whole days upon one foot in burning; sand without moving, or showing any 'concent for what surrounded them.
Page 62 - Castor to share the immortality of his brother; and consequently, as long as the one was upon earth, so long was the other detained in the infernal regions, and they alternately lived and died every day ; or, according to others, every six months. This...
Page 12 - ... conflict was begun, which nothing but the interference of Jupiter with his thunderbolts could have prevented. He was, upon this, told by the oracle that he must be sold as a slave, and remain three years in the most abject servitude, to recover from his disorder. He complied, and Mercury, bv order of Jupiter, conducted him to Omphale, queen of Lydia, to whom he was sold as a slave.

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