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Leach, Shewell, & Sanborn, 1894 - Arthurian romances - 84 pages
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Page 61 - Most noble lord, Sir Lancelot of the Lake, I, sometime call'd the maid of Astolat, Come, for you left me taking no farewell, Hither, to take my last farewell of you. I loved you, and my love had no return, And therefore my true love has been my death. And therefore to our lady Guinevere, And to all other ladies, I make moan. Pray for my soul, and yield me burial. Pray for my soul thou too, Sir Lancelot, As thou art a knight peerless.
Page 51 - And sweet is death who puts an end to pain: I know not which is sweeter, no, not I. "Love, art thou sweet? then bitter death must be: Love, thou art bitter; sweet is death to me.
Page 57 - Farewell, sweet sister,' parted all in tears. Then rose the dumb old servitor, and the dead, Oar'd by the dumb, went upward with the flood — In her right hand the lily, in her left The letter — all her bright hair streaming down — And all the coverlid was cloth of gold Drawn to her waist, and she herself in white All but her face, and that clear-featured face Was lovely, for she did not seem as dead, But fast asleep, and lay as tho
Page 32 - Green-glimmering toward the summit, bears, with all Its stormy crests that smoke against the skies, Down on a bark, and overbears the bark, And him that helms it, so they overbore Sir Lancelot and his charger, and a spear Down-glancing lamed the charger, and a spear 1'rick'd sharply his own cuirass, and the head Pierced thro' his side, and there snapt, and remain'd.
Page 24 - Another sinning on such heights with one, The flower of all the west and all the world, Had been the sleeker for it : but in him His mood was often like a fiend, and rose And drove him into wastes and solitudes For agony, who was yet a living soul.
Page 20 - Sun in heaven ? He never spake word of reproach to me, He never had a glimpse of mine untruth, He cares not for me : only here to-day There gleam'da vague suspicion in his eyes : Some meddling rogue has tamper'd with him — else Rapt in this fancy of his Table Round, And swearing men to vows impossible...
Page 15 - ELAINE ELAINE the fair, Elaine the lovable, Elaine, the lily maid of Astolat, High in her chamber up a tower to the east Guarded the sacred shield of Lancelot; Which first she placed where morning's earliest ray...
Page 83 - Camelot. Out upon the wharfs they came, Knight and burgher, lord and dame, And round the prow they read her name, The Lady of Shalott. Who is this ? and what is here ? And in the lighted palace near Died the sound of royal cheer ; And they cross'd themselves for fear, All the knights at Camelot : But Lancelot mused a little space ; He said, ' She has a lovely face ; God in his mercy lend her grace, The Lady of Shalott.
Page 9 - ... One of the finest-looking men in the world. A great shock of rough dusty-dark hair ; bright laughing hazel eyes ; massive aquiline face, most massive yet most delicate ; of sallow brown complexion, almost Indian-looking ; clothes cynically loose, free-and-easy ; smokes infinite tobacco. His voice is musical metallic — fit for loud laughter and piercing wail, and all that may lie between : speech and speculation free and plenteous : I do not meet in these late decades, such company over a pipe...
Page 27 - As when a painter, poring on a face, Divinely thro' all hindrance finds the man Behind it, and so paints him that his face, The shape and color of a mind and life, Lives for his children, ever at its best...

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