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User Review  - Nay Lynn - Borders

This book is amazing! We have tried 7 of the recipes so far....and my husband and both of my young kids have given their stamp of approval on ALL 7 recipes. Everything tastes so good you'd think you ... Read full review

Devin Alexander Good Ideas

User Review  - scarlette24 -

Devin Alexander cooks food for regular people and does is in an somewhat inexpensive way all of her books have usable ideas in them and the food takes great. Read full review

Very dissapointed!

User Review  - lion2 - Walmart

I was very excited to order this product and had very high expectations because of the food tips on the TV show. I was frustrated on how the recipes were common sense things that we usually put together anyway. Did not have fun new exciting recipes to help make losing weight fun. Read full review


User Review  - Mom of 1 - Borders

I just purchased this cookbook a few days ago and I love it! It is excellent!! There is so much good stuff that people actually want to eat! Read full review

This is a great product

User Review  - HannasMommy - Walmart

I have not cooked anything from this product, but I have read through part of it. It's a whole book of family friendly meals, and they are healthy. But there is also some other helpful information ... Read full review

great cookbook

User Review  - loovetoooeat - Walmart

I love this cook book. The recipes are easy and really good. Read full review

Not what I thought

User Review  - hspcrn - Walmart

I didn't like this book. There weren't many recipes in it and they weren't things I would like eating or preparing. Read full review

Great Product for the Dollar

User Review  - HuskerFanatic - Walmart

I was truly pleased with the recipes and ideas in this cookbook. It is very easy, which is good for those who don't really like to cook or are not very good at it. This product will not only help those watching their weight, but will help those wanting to eat healthier. Read full review


User Review  - stampin - Walmart

Not sure what it is, but I am disappointed in this cookbook. Just eat chicken and vegetables and that pretty much covers it. I did not find a nice variety of things at all. Read full review

The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook

User Review  - Imagirly - Walmart

I love this book!! It has lots of great info. at the beginning. I did not buy it b/c I was wanting to lose weight, I bought it b/c I wanted our family to start eating healthier. Our kids are somewhat ... Read full review

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