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University of Hawaii Press, 1990 - Reference - 497 pages
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Based on the Palauan-English Dictionary by Fr. Edwin G. McManus, S.J. (UH Press, 1977), this revision is designed to be an easily accessible reference for identifying vocabulary items of Palauan, which are often culture-bound, semantically rich, and structurally quite complex. Thousands of Palauan entries are new or greatly expanded. Users will benefit from a much wider range of vocabulary, especially in the areas of flora and fauna, Palauan legend, and borrowed words from both English and Japanese. The expanded English-Palauan finder list allows for quick reference to the Palauan equivalents of many English words.

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a kekdel ra kosiik er tiang. ak meral lousbech er ngii... sulang.

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Page xvii - Palauan Reference Grammar). The major features of the revised Palauan-English dictionary are summarized in the paragraphs below. (a) Each major entry has been designed in such a way that the user can see, in one unified configuration, all of the words derived from or related to a given word or stem. Thus, all entries are presented according to the following scheme: Main Entry (word or stem...
Page xiii - n" which comes only at the end of a syllable. Diphthongs kya kyu kyo sha shu — sho cha — chu — cho nya - nyu nyo hya hyu hyo mya myu myo rya — ryu ryo gya gyu gyo ja " ju - jo bya - byu — byo pya - pyu — pyo Foreword The Greek logos, meaning word, is also used to signify cosmic reason, essence, rule, etc.
Page xii - N, ka, ki, ku, ke, ko, sa, shi, su, se, so, ta, chi, tsu, te, to, na, ni, nu, ne, no, ha, hi, fu, he, ho, ma, mi, mu, me, mo, ya, yu, yo, ra, ri, ru, re, ro, wa, ga.
Page xxi - INSTR. instrument for spreading (eg, butter knife, putty knife, etc.). (g) Any obscure or unknown entry found in Fr. McManus' 1969 word list has been removed from the present dictionary. In any case where the meaning, origin, or form of a particular item was dubious, a question mark (?) notation has been appended to draw attention to this fact. (h) All inconsistencies in Palauan spelling have been eliminated, and the orthographic decisions of 1972 (cf. Preface, n. 2) have been followed. With a few...
Page iii - Superior of all the Jesuit missionaries in the Vicariate of the Carolines and the Marshalls, but his residence in Koror enabled him to maintain close contact with the Palauan language. Upon completing his term of office as Mission Superior, Fr. McManus resumed pastoral work among the Palauan people. To this end, he made his headquarters at Ngeraard on Babeldaob, from which he was responsible for such outposts as Ngchesar, Melekeok, Ngiwal, Irrai, and Ngkeklau.
Page xix - INSTR. trigger; knob (of lantern, etc.). Whereas the order of commonly recurring subentries has been fixed as indicated in (i-ii ) above, other subentries appearing under a given main entry have been listed in more-or-less random order. Such items follow the fixed-order subentries and include causative and reciprocal verbs, reduplicated forms of nouns and verbs, complex nouns of various types, and numerous unusual or idiosyncratic derivatives. After the...
Page xviii - All subentries reappear as main entries and may in turn have their own subentries of particular forms that are most directly derived from or related to them. All main entries which appear elsewhere as subentries are cross-referenced to the word or stem from which they are derived. To take a simple illustration, let us observe a condensed version of the main entry for s6seb 'fire': seseb N.

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