Mineral Resources of the United States, Part 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908 - Mineral industries

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Page 752 - Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma...
Page 476 - ... should be present in the mixture as of the clayey materials. The burning takes place at a high temperature, approaching 3,000° F., and must therefore be carried on in kilns of special design and lining. During the burning, combination of the lime with silica, alumina, and iron oxide takes place. The product of the burning is a semifused mass called clinker, and consists of silicates, aluminates, and ferrites of lime in certain definite proportions.
Page 222 - BULLETIN 339. The purchase of coal under government and commercial specifications on the basis of its heating value, with analyses of coal delivered under government contracts, by DT Randall.
Page 216 - No. 304, 1907. Map showing coal outcrops, in pocket. Amity folio, Pennsylvania; description, by FG Clapp. Geologic Atlas US, folio 144, 1907, pp. 12-13. Rogersville folio, Pennsylvania; description, by FG Clapp. Geologic Atlas US, folio 146, 1907, pp. 12-14. Coals of the Clarion quadrangle, Clarion County, Pa.
Page 352 - B 318. Geology of oil and gas fields in Steubenville, Burgettstown, and Claysville quadrangles, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, by WT Griswold and MJ Munn. 1907.
Page 131 - Loaded at mines for shipment Sold to local trade and used by employees Used at mines for steam and heat...
Page 747 - Newfoundland into this country during the year 1907; whilst, according to the statistics published by the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce...
Page 198 - It may not be out of place at this point to call attention to some of the reasons why the outcrops are absent from areas where only a very limited continuity of the well known seams would call for their presence. The most noteworthy instance of this kind is the Mouse valley, above Burlington. Lignite, presumably from the same seam as at Burlington, is mined on...
Page 217 - No. 225, 1904, pp. 259-275. TEXAS. Report of work done in the division of chemistry and physics mainly during the fiscal year 1886-87, by FW Clarke. Bull. No. 55, 1889, p.
Page 222 - Experimental work conducted in the chemical laboratory of the United States fuel-testing plant at St. Louis, Mo., January 1, 1905, to July 31, 1906, by NW Lord.

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