The Chronicles of Music Majors: The Chronicles of Music Majors

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Rescot Creative , Apr 28, 2021 - Young Adult Fiction

As the students of Belton University learn to navigate the world of music, they discover friendship, fortitude, and love in a variety of ways. Contact author to sign-up for her newsletter, and you’ll receive a signed postcard of The Chronicles of Music Majors and an invitation to join her Music Fiction Book Club.


A Change in the Winds


Brandon, a sophomore bass player at Belton University, grows bored playing the same repetitive lines at the back of the orchestra. He rouses from his stupor when an attractive flutist plays a beautiful solo from the fourth movement of Dvorak's Symphony No. 8. How can Brandon attract her attention without raising the ire of the conductor? Maybe all he needs is a change in the winds.


“Bach” from the Grave


Freshman bassoonist Adam Heckel faces hazing in the music fraternity at Belton University while organist Miguel Guzmán struggles to overcome the pain of his past while preparing music for All Saints Day. When the two friends cross paths in an eerie locale Halloween night, will they finally find the brotherhood they both desperately need?


Christmas Glee Club


Sophia, the lead soprano of the Belton Glee Club, faces losing her celebrity date to the sorority formal due to a required concert for the university donors. When the lead tenor falls sick with laryngitis, Brett fills in for his role as Santa. Can Sophia and Brett pull off the concert together at the last minute?


No Strings Attached


Alone on Valentine's Day with only his viola for a date, Vince decides to drown his sorrows at the university coffee shop. In a room full of love-struck couples, Gaby's alternative guitar music doesn't quite strike a romantic tone. Can she find anyone who appreciates her original style?


Brass at the Beach


Etta, a tuba player for the Belton University Symphony, is forced to face her fears of the ocean when the orchestra travels to the Caribbean for a concert. French horn player Terrence makes it his mission to help Etta become more comfortable with the sea. Will Etta find a way to be noticed in spite of her position at the back of the orchestra? On their beach excursion, the two learn to view life through a different set of lenses.


Get a “Händel” on It


Violinist Karen dominates the music scene at Belton University until a transfer student usurps her position and forces Karen to play "second fiddle," much to her chagrin. When the unforeseen happens during their performance of Handel's Messiah, will Karen do what it takes to save the performance?


The Ivory Touch


Pauline, a senior piano major at Belton University, nearly lives at the music school as she prepares for her capstone recital. Her boyfriend Trenton, a jazz trumpet player, convinces her to perform an insane duet with him for the final number. While they dedicate themselves to rehearsals, the Coronavirus sweeps the globe. The worldwide pandemic jeopardizes everything Pauline holds dear, including her recital, family, and romantic relationship. How will she adapt to this devastating twist her senior year?


Return to Mozart

After graduating from Belton with a degree in harp performance, Lisandra begins her studies as a graduate composition student at Johann Conservatory in New York City under renowned composition teacher Amadeus Gruber, a descendant of Mozart. When the city is devastated by the pandemic, Lisandra must choose between returning to her family in Estonia, or continuing to work with Gruber in the city under quarantine. Does Lisandra possess what it takes to finish Gruber’s Symphony and continue Mozart’s legacy?


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Ashley Rescot is a professional violinist, educator, writer, and Fulbright Scholar. An aficionado of music, pedagogy, family, faith, and language, she writes about her life as a musician. Stay tuned for her music novel!

Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance, Master of Arts in French Literature

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