Narratives from Criminal Trials in Scotland, Volume 2

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Chapman and Hall, 1852 - Trials
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Page 68 - How oft the sight of means to do ill deeds Makes ill deeds done...
Page 224 - I being a declared enemy to him on that account, and he to me in like manner : so, I never found myself obliged, either by the law of God, or nature, to set a sentry at his door for his safety ; but as he was always to take his advantage, as it appearetb ; so I of him, to take any opportunity offered.
Page 276 - No magistrate could ever discover or be informed which way one in a hundred of these wretches died, or that ever they were baptized. Many murders have been discovered among them. And they are not only a most unspeakable oppression to poor tenants, who if they give not bread or some kind of provision to perhaps forty such villains in one day, are sure to be insulted by them ; but they rou many poor people who live in houses distant from any neighbourhood.
Page 136 - I protest before the great God, and since I am here as upon my testament it is no place for me to lie in, that ye shall never find with any Highland or Border thieves greater ingratitude and more lies and vile perjuries, than with these fanatic spirits : And suffer not the principals of them to brook your land...
Page 136 - ... of their practice they are no way sufferable to remain in this kingdom. Their point of doctrine is that arrogant and ambitious Supremacy of their Head the Pope, whereby he not only claims to be spiritual head of all Christians but also to have an imperial civil power over all kings and emperors, dethroning and decrowning princes with his foot as pleaseth him, and dispensing and disposing of all kingdoms and empires at his appetite.
Page 276 - And though the number of them be perhaps double to what it was formerly, by reason of this present great distress, yet in all times there have been about one hundred thousand of those vagabonds, who have lived without any regard or subjection either to the laws of the land, or even those of God and nature; fathers incestuously accompanying with their own daughters, the son with the mother, and the brother with the sister.
Page 105 - ... friend. The spot was pointed out to the black, without showing him the direction which the lost person apparently took after quitting the fence. On close inspection, a part of the upper rail was observed to be discoloured ; it was scraped with a knife by the black, who next smelt at it and tasted it.
Page 115 - ... place. I got a sight of the place just as if I had been awake ; I never saw the place before. The...
Page 263 - Mock not, lest your bands be made strong. The day is coming, when you shall not have one word to say, though you would.
Page 295 - I think I see a national .church, founded upon a rock, secured by a claim of...

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