The Asiatic Annual Register; Or, A View of the History of Hindustan,: And of the Politics, Commerce, and Literature of Asia, ...

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J. Debrett, Piccadilly, 1809 - Biographies, English

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Page 213 - Act for enabling the Commissioners acting in Execution of an Agreement made between the East India Company and the private Creditors of His late Highness Ameer Sing, formerly Rajah of Tanjore, deceased, the better to carry the same into Effect.
Page 88 - An Act for the better regulation and management of the affairs of the East India Company, and of the British Possessions in India ; and for establishing a court of judicature for the more speedy and effectual trial of persons accused of offences committed in the East Indies ;
Page 233 - that the said petition be referred to the consideration of a committee of the whole House, and that the petitioners be heard by themselves before the said committee, if they think fit '
Page 23 - III. Eating forbidden food, or drinking intoxicating liquors. IV. Stealing. V. Slaying of any animal of the cow kind, or of the human species; but a Brahman is permitted to kill his enemy in battle. VI. Eating in company with persons of another cast, or of food dressed by their impure hands. VII. Eating on board a ship food that has been dressed there. VIII. Omitting to perform the ceremonies due to their deceased parents.
Page 39 - ... out a skeleton figure by a cork rump, a muslin bosom and a buckram stomacher; for though they reckon corpulence a beauty in a man, they think it a most palpable blemish in their own sex. They therefore pay particular attention to the slimness of their shape, and have the art of preserving it in all its ease and delicacy without effort or compression. Though a Chinese has properly but one wife at the head of his family, the number of his concubines depends on his own opulence and discretion. So...
Page 202 - March 9th, moved the order of the day for a committee of the whole house on the catholic question.
Page 32 - ... delicacy of taste and sentiment, the softness of address, the graces of elegant converse, the play of the passions, the refinements of love and friendship, must of necessity be banished. In their place, gross familiarity, coarse pleasantry, and broad allusions are indulged in, but without that honesty and expansion of heart which we have sometimes observed to arise on such occasions among ourselves.
Page 31 - Chinese had reached their highest pitch of civilization; and no doubt they were then a very civilized people in comparison of their Tartar conquerors, and their European contemporaries; but not having improved and advanced forward, or having rather gone back, at least for these hundred and fifty years past, since the last conquest by the northern or Mantchou Tartars, whilst we have been every day rising in arts and sciences, they are actually become a semi-barbarous people in comparison wi'th the...
Page 41 - The people are destitute of those principles of honesty, truth and justice, which respond to the spirit of British administration; they have not a disposition which is accordant with the tenor of Christian principles.
Page 17 - ... indeed, so wonderful was his. recollection on points of genealogy, that there was scarcely a person of any note mentioned, by sacred or profane writers, whose history, and connections were not perfectly fresh in his memory. When he passed the Hague, on his way to Petersburgh, Sir Joseph Yorke, then minister .at that place from the court of London, invited all his brother ministers to meet Sir George Macartney at dinner. The conversation, as might be expected, turned on the affairs of Europe,...

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