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Yeah its really practical swell book but tell me how can i buy it?

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this was one of my 1st purchased books, ( i got in my 1st year at uni) It has been helpful in all aspects of my Social science based degree, and I hope to continue using this in my final paper/thesis.
GREAT book for anyone who, like myself, was a bit scared about the research and thesis writing....
Easy to understand, easy to use and good breadth of information held within

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This book is full of other people's work.
The chapter I looked at it was roughly 40% of the text, the rest being just a summary of the quotations.
How is this not plagiarism?? because she admits it using referencing???

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As raised by Bell that with some of the students and researchers, their problems are similar,'you will need to
select a topic, identify the objectives of your study
plan and design a suitable
devise research instruments
negotiate access to institutions, materials and people
collect, analyze and present information, and, finally,
produce a well-written report.
Whatever the size of the undertaking, techniques have to be mastered and a plan of action devised, which does not attempt more than the limitations of expertise, time and access permit.
Large-scale research projects will require sophisticated techniques and, often, statistical and computation expertise, but it is quite possible to produce a worthwhile study without using computers and with a minimum of statistical knowledge. We all learn how to do research by actually doing it, but a great deal of time can be wasted and goodwill dissipated by inadequate preparation. '
Bell's work 'assists by providing the tools to do the job, to help to avoid some of the pitfalls and time-consuming false trails that can eat into your time allowance, to establish good research habits and to take you from the stage of selecting a topic through to the production of a well-planned, methodologically sound and well-written final report or thesis - ON TIME. '
'There is, after all, little point in doing all the work if you never manage to submit. Throughout this book, Bell uses the terms 'research', 'investigation', 'inquiry' and 'study' interchangeably, though with the realization that this is not acceptable to everyone. Some argue that 'research' is a more rigorous and technically more complicated form of investigation.'
The definition of 'research'; and (p. 6) amongst others, (Howard and Sharp 1983: 6) , also, Drew (1980) is explored by Bell's work.
Bell concludes that 'no book can take the place of a good supervisor, but good supervisors are in great demand, and if you can familiarize yourself with basic approaches and techniques, you will be able to make full use of your tutorial time for priority issues.'

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