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A breathtaking poetic journey of Jewish life in 17th century Amsterdam and London. Many Jewish families had fled the inquisition in Portugal and found it not much better in Amsterdam so hence another ... Read full review

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Excellent! What a great read! Filled with Historical info of Jewish Philosophers from 1600's and sprinkled with a fictional story and engaging characters. Modern day discovery of old manuscripts found ... Read full review

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Labyrinthine literary mystery I couldn't put down. A cranky old professor, Helen, and the graduate student helping her. Aaron, in present-day England are trying to unravel the sense of a group of ... Read full review

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The Weight of Ink, Rachel Kadish, author; Corrie James, narrator Written with the majestic prose of yesteryear, with a vocabulary that enchants on every page, the book takes the reader on a journey ... Read full review

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The Weight of Ink Rachel Kadish MY RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PUBLISHER Highbridge PUBLISHED June 6, 2017 Read full review

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Fascinating story of a rare find of ancient Jewish documents found outside London. Dr. Helen Watt is contacted by a former student that found old documents in a home he and his wife were renovating ... Read full review

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I loved this, though I still have yet to read chapter 29—my library ebook was missing it, but a friend has sent me a physical copy so I should be able to really finish in another day or so. But I can ... Read full review

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I love historical fiction that revolves around modern day research and connecting it with periods of time and people of which I have just a basic knowledge. When historian, Helen Watts, is invited to ... Read full review

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Rachel Kadish has written “I put words to paper because it's my way of metabolizing life,” and readers can be delighted with the nourishing and sustaining results in her novel, The Weight of Ink. As an historical novelist myself, I am awed by Kadish’s skill in balancing historic accuracy in thought and language to describe and create characters and dialogue from the 17th century, with the need to convey to a modern reader the synergistic themes and conflicts of identity, spirituality, love, passion and responsibility. Using another set of characters from the present to discover and interpret, with plotting to intersect the two centuries adds to the interest and complexity of this masterful work. Those with an interest in the history of Sephardic Jews in the European diaspora, and in epistolary novels will be particularly delighted. Favorite quote: “The greatest curse, he’d thought, was to be stuck in one’s own time- and the greatest power, to see beyond its horizons.”  

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Loved this book. Such an amazing piece of history. Read full review

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