BLINK: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

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We need to place more trust in our "thin-slicer"—our capacity to make instant judgments—but we also need to sharpen its edge more keenly with experience and education.Gladwell's second entry into the aren't-our-brains-amazing genre (The Tipping Point, 2000) has an Obi-Wan Kenobi flavor, a "trust-your-feelings-Luke" antirationalism that attempts, in some ways, to deconstruct the Force. The author ... Read full review

Review: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Editorial Review - - Anne Miller

After his bestselling book brought the phrase "tipping point" into popular usage, which is that moment when an idea, product or concept suddenly catches fire with the population at large, Malcolm Gladwell now gives us two more phrases that are likely to become equally wellknown: "blink" and "thinslicing." We "blink" when we think without thinking. We do that by "thinslicing," using limited ... Read full review

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This one continues to reveal the working of our mind ... The power of (unconscious) thinking without (conscious) thinking ... the ability to thin slice the critical few aspects in decision making rather than getting over crowded with "facts" that lead us to fail in seeing the significant few aspects.
A brilliant piece of follow on from his "Tipping Point"

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I found the book to be entertaining and after the first two chapters or so, I understood the premise. Thereafter, it was reinforcements through examples and opinions.

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I read this book because instinct is a concept very close to my heart. I very heavily rely on my instincts and I have seen the ups and downs of the same. And to some extent, Blink does enchant me. But I wouldn’t say the same if I had kept the book aside after reading the first four chapters. The first four chapters involve too much facts and details and the information given doesn’t entice _ME_ as it seems natural to me, may be because I am already into instincts too much. But I would also not deny the fact that I am trying to explain my subconscious why I do not like the first four chapters. And as Sir Malcolm puts it, “We always fail to explain our subconscious”. True. But then, its human nature that has descended for billions of years and something that is difficult to do away with, but not impossible. Anyways, from the end of the fourth chapter, the book seems to interest me more and is able to involve me through to the end. I do not know exactly why. I will try to explain it but I am not sure if I would be able to. I believe that from the end of the fourth chapter, the facts and examples become more interesting than they were in the previous chapters. I believe it is also because the presentation of facts and examples become more mysterious and interesting. It is difficult to find any order in the book because it doesn’t follow the conventional style of following a structured pattern. And I find it a nice and different way of presentation. Also, gvien that the concept itself is so difficult to explain, following a structure wouldn’t have served the purpose. It’s always best to explain something obtruse through examples and that’s what Sir Malcolm does.
But overall, it’s an interesting read. And with the ease that Sir Malcolm puts his theory, it’s really amazing given that the language is simple and passages flowy. They never seem to loose the connection or objective of the book. Sir Malcolm always goes back to earlier examples and statements as and when required to substantiate further his understanding.
For people, who really believe in the power of instincts, Blink is a good read. If you think you know a great deal about instincts then you are wrong. You should read Blink and you will know why. It will only add to your already existing knowledge.

Review: Blink

User Review  - Betty - Goodreads

I'm not actually sure why this is a book. The first 3/4 or so are a handful of unrelated ideas (thin-slicing, trusting snap judgment) that end up seeming to be contradicted by the examples he chooses ... Read full review

Review: Blink

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Yet another book I read for one of my graduate classes. And a very quick read at that. It's funny how you "know" something at the blink of an eye. Yet so many of us tend to second guess ourselves and ... Read full review

You wont blink reading this book

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This book about split decisions will entertain you from cover to cover. Dont think too long about this one but it read it now. Read full review

Great read

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Great book hard to put down. Lots of of interesting things to think about next time you form a quick option about a situation. Read full review

Wonderful reading

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Well worth the money. Why does Overstock require me to use at least 50 characters in this section!!! I said it in the first sentence. Read full review

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