Americans in Process: A Settlement Study

Front Cover
Robert Archey Woods
Houghton, Mifflin, 1903 - Boston (Mass.) - 389 pages
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Page 78 - the tide had risen so high that it was necessary to approach the bedside of a patient by means of a plank which was laid from one stool to another ; while the dead body of an infant was actually sailing about the room in its coffin. Many of the inhabited cellars
Page 156 - So run I not as uncertainly ; so fight I not as one that beateth the air
Page 30 - thirty, chiefly mechanics, who formed themselves into a committee for the purpose of watching the British soldiers and gaining every intelligence of the movements of the Tories.
Page 248 - Barred out from the society he most admires, his mimicry only excites mirth, and when he touches the white race on grounds of social equality it is the meeting of outcast with outcast.
Page 77 - The dwellings of the poor are mostly filthy, often from neglect on the part of the landlords, who get large rents and do not provide suitable drains, privies, yards, etc.
Page 19 - He died poor, as most of our rulers do, having more attended the public than their own private interests.
Page 326 - to raise the needy above the need of relief, prevent begging and imposition and diminish pauperism.
Page 159 - The Irish have made great efforts to win the Italians to the Democratic party. They are coreligionists, and they can love each other for their common enmity to the Jew.
Page 61 - Such \, couples are usually absorbed by the Negro race, although if they belong to the more educated class they enter into natural

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