The New Testament in the Original Greek, Volume 2

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Macmillan, 1896 - Bible
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Page 282 - It will not be out of place to add here a distinct expression of our belief that even among the numerous unquestionably spurious readings of the New Testament there are no signs of deliberate falsification of the text for dogmatic purposes.
Page 185 - ... on Griesbach's errors at some length, notwithstanding the neglect into which his writings have unhappily fallen, we should be grieved even to seem regardless of a name which we venerate above that of every other textual critic of the New Testament. It was essential to our purpose to explain clearly in what sense it is true, and in what sense it is not true, that we are attempting to revive a theory which is popularly supposed to have been long since exploded. No valid objection can, we believe,...
Page 2 - The proportion of words virtually accepted on all hands as raised above doubt is very great, not less, on a rough computation, than seven-eighths of the whole. The remaining eighth, therefore, formed in great part by changes of order and other comparative trivialities, constitutes the whole area of criticism.
Page 177 - X4i f. ; xii 19, 21, 39; xxii 62; (xxivg;) John iii 32; iv 9. With the difficult question of notation here involved we are not for the moment concerned : it is enough here to repeat that we find ourselves wholly unable to believe some of the clauses and sentences omitted by Western documents to be genuine, while in other not obviously dissimilar cases our judgement remains suspended. 241. These exceptional instances of the preservation of the original text in exclusively Western readings are likely...
Page 21 - There is much literature, ancient no less than modern, in which it is needful to remember that authors are not always grammatical, or clear, or consistent, or felicitous ; so that not seldom an ordinary reader finds it easy to replace a feeble or half-appropriate word or phrase by an effective substitute ; and thus the best words to express an author's meaning need not in all cases be those which he actually employed " (Hort, Introduction to New Test., p.
Page 69 - The Ascension apparently did not lie within the proper scope of the Gospels, as seen in their genuine texts: its true place was at the head of the Acts of the Apostles, as the preparation for the Day of Pentecost, and thus the beginning of the history of the Church.
Page 251 - B must be regarded as having preserved not only a very ancient text, but a very pure line of very ancient text, and that with comparatively small depravation either by scattered ancient corruptions otherwise attested or by individualisms of the scribe himself.
Page 32 - ... transmitted in comparative purity, and that the text of the second has suffered comparatively large corruption ; and next, that the superiority of the first must be as great in the variations in which Internal Evidence of Readings has furnished no decisive criterion as in those which have enabled us to form a comparative appreciation of the two...
Page 36 - Me xvi 1 6, though it might have been expected to be cited somewhere in the epistles bearing on this subject : but there can be only one reason for its absence from the third book of his collection of Testimonies from Scripture, which includes such heads as these, Ad regnum Dei nisi baptizatus et renatus quis fuerit pervenire non posse...

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