An Autobiography of the Rev. Nathaniel Gunnison: With Extracts from His Diaries, Scrap Books and Public Prints, with a Sketch of His Wife Ann Louisa Foster : Prepared for Private Circulation Amoung Their Children and Grandchildren, Part 1

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Page 54 - Fig 90 is a twelve-inch Washington jug, with a more than usually swelling shape. There is a small portrait on the pedestal and the words "First in War, First in Peace, First in Fame and First in Victory.
Page 14 - N. 11.. to school to prepare for teaching. I wished to go with them, but had no money nor clothes, and my guardian opposed my going. It would cost money and I ought to save my money and add to it and go to work. etc. However, I wanted an education, I cared not for money. So I determined to go at all hazards. My capital consisted of $4.33. One dollar I gave to my nephew, AR, to carry me forty miles to school.
Page 16 - I finished my school and in April, 1837, commenced study for the ministry with Rev. AL Balch of Newport, NH Thus the whole current of my life was changed by this one affliction. Had not God visited me with a severe trial I doubtless should have continued a tiller of the soil and become a worshiper of dollars.
Page 46 - He was set and stern; his word was law to all under or near him. He was known to all as a strong, reliable, straightforward man. He was one of the early converts to Universalism under John Murray and was one of the founders of the church in Brewster.
Page 14 - I considered myself incompetent and unqualified, but he urged me to the effort, inspired me with confidence, gave me a letter of introduction and recommendation, and with my books and a bundle of clothes, I set out on a voyage of adventure, found a school in the town of...
Page 14 - My money all went the first week for my books and so I went through the term penniless, with no means to pay my board and other incidental expenses. I felt disconsolate and discouraged and ready to give up in despair, when the kind preceptor sent for me one day to call upon him.
Page 11 - She finally concluded to take off her own red petticoat and make a pair of pants out of that. The day arrived and I set out to meet a thousand people and scholars of all ages and grades, with my red pants, which on account of the scantiness of the petticoat, reached from my waist to the tops of my stockings. But...
Page 7 - My father was one of four brothers who shouldered their axes and marched Into the woods, and selected each a farm and settled down for life. My father's name was Nathaniel, his twin brother was named Ephraim, and the two others were Samuel and Daniel.
Page 7 - I have no recollection of anything that transpired on that day, but have been informed that it was one of the coldest days of the season and that the roads were completely blocked up with snow, so that the whole neighborhood was called out with their oxen and sleds to break the roads...
Page 16 - I resolved to give up my prospects of wealth and go out as a preacher of the gospel of the grace of God, not doubting in the least but that I could convert the world in a very short time.

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