Other Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston: Being More Information about the Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston who Played Such an Important Part in Building Up the Commerce of New England, Together with Some Quaint and Curious Stories of the Sea

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State Street Trust Company, 1919 - Boston (Mass.) - 70 pages
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Page 1 - A LIFE on the ocean wave, A home on the rolling deep, Where the scattered waters rave, And the winds their revels keep! Like an eagle caged, I pine On this dull, unchanging shore: Oh! give me the flashing brine, The spray and the tempest's roar!
Page 39 - I remember the black wharves and the slips, And the sea-tides tossing free; And Spanish sailors with bearded lips, And the beauty and mystery of the ships, And the magic of the sea. And the voice of that wayward song Is singing and saying still: "A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.
Page 31 - And as to catch the gale Round veered the flapping sail, Death ! was the helmsman's hail, Death without quarter ! Midships with iron keel Struck we her ribs of steel ; Down her black hulk did reel Through the black water!
Page 63 - IN that building, long and low, With its windows all a-row, Like the port-holes of a hulk, Human spiders spin and spin, Backward down their threads so thin Dropping each a hempen bulk. At the end, an open door; Squares of sunshine on the floor Light the long and dusky lane ; And the whirring of a wheel, Dull and drowsy, makes me feel All its spokes are in my brain. As the spinners to the end Downward go and reascend. Gleam...
Page 38 - ... under the discourses of a wise comforter; he breaks from the despairs of the grave, and the fetters and chains of sorrow, he blesses God, and he blesses thee, and he feels his life returning; for to be miserable is death, but nothing is life but to be comforted; and God is pleased with no music from below, so much as in the thanksgiving songs of relieved widows, of supported orphans, of rejoicing, and comforted, and thankful persons.
Page 16 - Old horse! old horse! what brought you here?" 'From Sacarap to Portland Pier I've carted stone this many a year; Till, killed by blows and sore abuse, They salted me down for sailors
Page 67 - er usual way) ; She scraped the bowsprit off a barque in San Francisco Bay; She's shed propeller blades an' plates wherever she 'as been . . . An...
Page 68 - ave 'card the engines grunt — you should 'ave seen 'er roll, 'She was beatin' all 'er records as they shovelled on the coal . . . They missed 'er by a spittin' length — 'er rollin' served 'er well; But it served 'er better after, as you're goin...

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