Sacred Songs and Solos with Standard Hymns Combined

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SACRED SONGS WITH l STANDARD HYMNS, c 750 - PIECES - . 7 COMPILED AND SUNG BY IRA D. SANKEY. LONDON MORGAN AND SCOTT, OFFICE OF Zltt Itristiaa, 12, PATERNOSTER BUILDINGS, E. C. And nuay k Orabed of my BooRreUw m MwricscIZc. r A TONIC SOL-FA EDITION MAY AL80 BE HAD. The Editor of SAOREDSO NG A S N D SOLOS W ITH STANDARHDY MNSC, O MBINED, gratefully acknowledges e permission given him by the following Authors or Owners, for the use of their Copyright Hymns and Tunes -Mrs. C. F. Alexander the Rev. H. Allon, D. D. Miss F. C. Armatrong Rev. S. Baring-Gould Sir J. Barnby the Right Rev. E. H. Bickersteth, Lord Bishop of Exeter the late Rev. Horatius Bonar, D. D. Mrs. C. J. Bonsr Miss Jane Borthwick Rev. H. Burton Miss E. M. Campbell Mr. R. C. Chapman Rev. V. J. Charlesworth the late Miss E. C. Clephane Mrs. Codner Mrs. Cousin Mrs. Crewdson the late Mrs. M. Lee Demarest W. Chatterton Dlx, Esq. Miss Sarah Doudney Frederick Dykes, Esq. the late Rev. John Ellerton the Representatives of the late Miss C. Elliott Miss E. 8. Elliott the Representa. tives of the late Right Rev, Alex. Ewing, Bishop of Argyll Miss M. Farninghaml the late Mrs. H. Q. Gauntlett Miss Hankey the late Miss F. R. Havergal the late Miss M. V. Q. Havergal Mr. J. Hayes E. J. Hopkins, Esq., Mus. Doc. Messrs. Houlston Sons Miss A. M. Hull Messrs. Hutchings Co. Yrs. Luke Mrs. W. P. Mackay the late Mrs. Margaret Mackay Rev. J. R. Macduff, D. D. Messrs. Masters Co. H. M. Matheson, Esq. Albert Midlane, Esq. the late Rev. W. Mitchell Rev. Theodore Monod Rev. S. C. Morgan Messrs. Novel10 Co. the late Mrs. Pennefather Mrs. S. N. Pigott Rev. W. Pulling Messrcl. Richardson Son Mm. Shipton the late Rev. J. Q. Small the late Rev. J. DenhamSmith Rev. S. J. Stone Rev. W. T. Storrs Slr Arthur Sullivah Miss Q. M. Taylor Rev. R Twells Charles Vincent, Esq., Mus. Doc. J. Walch, Esq. Francis G. Wesley, Esq. Miss E. H. Willis the Right Rev. J. Wordsworth, D. D., Lord Bishop of Salisbury also to Mr. Jmes McGranah n Nr. Geo. C. Stebbins Mr. W. H. Doane Rev. R. Lowry the late Mr. Philip Phillips, and other leading American Authors, for the use of their latest and best Pieces. STANDARD H Y M N S COMBINED. HIS Volunle contains all of tlie original 441 Pieces, together with the 309 L L A SAC KEDi SONGS AND SOL. O S WITH STANDARDH Y -N S niaking in all 750 Pleces ilulllbered in consecutive order. We believe that the introduction of these Stafidu d Iiyrn s and T rnes will rneet a long-felt want in connection with the use of SACRED SONGS AND SOLOS. And we trust that a great blessing may still accompany their use in special Evangelistic meetings, and in tllc homes of the people. I . - --Nols.-A lay r unlber c the Pieces in thzs Collectwn are COPYRLGHT. and cannot 66 printed or re bZtrhed wzthout pernzzssion of the uwnerJ a the Copyrzghts. MORGAN 8t SC TT, PUBLISHERS. - ---------I . SACRE S D O NGS AN D SOLOS. NO, I. sob IbI darf, 3. See the glorious banner waving I 4. Fierto and long the battle ragad, Huu the tnrmpa blow But our help is near In our Leadeh name well triumph Onward comes our rat Commander, Over every foe Cheer, my comra es, W l NO. 2 . dbk aIbt-. a h r r m. L. B The g ates of i t shall n ot h shu . t at all by day.-Rev w i . g ., 5. J. .. 3. Press onward then, though foes may frown, I. Beyond the rivers brink well lay While mercysWgate is open I The cross that here is given, Acee t the crosr, and win the crown, And bear thecrown of life away, foves everlasting token. And love Him more in heaven, NO. 3. 3Jteaa gabts Qbtn It, P. P. B. God is love.--I JOHN iv. 8. P. P. u S L 4 6...

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