Death Is Only the Beginning

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AuthorHouse, Jul 28, 2016 - Fiction - 350 pages
Death Is Only The Beginning This is a story of a man who has mastered the ability of artistic expression through extrasensory, clairvoyance, and occult powers; while conflicted within his own thoughts, reflects upon his dark past. Living life the hard way, broke and homeless, one will do just about anything. Bringing illumination to the dark side of things like the alchemist that have come before his time, working with magic and unknown forces he mistakenly sparks a transformation becoming, The Tattooist and blurring the line between worlds. He sells his soul to the devil and walks that common path as his demons come out to play dancing under the moonlight. Fighting to survive amongst stone cold killers while hoping to see a glimmer of light penetrate to the depths of hell. The big end becomes the new beginning as this mad man tattoos a spectrum of color into your subconscious, a place where only black once resided. Come along on this journey as we search for enlightenment, and seek the true meaning of life while riding in a car full of murderers.

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Where there is darkness, there is also light. "The Tattooist's" spiral into individuality with the possibility of finding his spiritual home, was for me humorous and more often at times schizophrenic rush of mind numbing WTF. Notch hints on the Esoteric throughout, some obvious other times hidden in creative flashes. Overall stirring read, I'm recommending this book whether or not you're into the particular symbolism used by Notch. The author reminding us what symbolism & day to day ritual really is, human beings using illustrations, allegories or metaphors to communicate one's own perception to incite your own transformation.
Can't wait for the second

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I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of Notch's book "Death is only the beginning," and WOW. I like how it reads as a conversation, and takes you the reader from dark to light. Putting you into the story as these fraternal brothers, illuminated ones, walk the fine line befriending gangsters and running amuck. A fast pace, psychotic thriller of one man's journey through life, with a shattered personality and his struggles to find meaning. "The Saint" walks you through his inner consciousness as he tries to make sense of the world and find spirituality amongst killers. This character goes through many struggles with his concepts of his own personal reality as he fights off his demons, tattooing into the night. This book has many hidden esoteric, occult, and Masonic references in the characters and situations. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great read, very entertaining with a lot of deep conversations that will leave you walking away thinking. 

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Brandon Notch is an independent artist, writer, tattooist, philanthropist, member of San Bernardino Masonic Lodge (number 178), and thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Freemason. He is a freethinking individual with interests in philanthropy, philosophy, nature, art, science, and consciousness studies. These come through in his work as he paints, draws, and writes, bringing his creations to life and exposing them to the world. Brandon comes, like most, from a broken home, bent and confused about the state of our existence and the world at large. He started on his search for answers at a very young age and found himself standing in the middle of the dark night of the soul as he continued to seek enlightenment even to this day. With the sobering moment of self-realization upon him, he discovered that his journey has just begun. Turning his attention toward his intent, he was guided inward to illumination, the true self penetrating the veil. With a Catholic upbringing, he started to familiarize himself with holy scriptures and ritual but was quickly distracted by what he believed was real, the illusion created by other people’s thinking that formed a sort of prison for his mind, confining him within the construct and concepts of imposed belief systems. He eventually moved out of the abstract idea of organized religion and continued on his own personal journey, meditating upon each experience like waves of energy coursing through his being. Brandon was eager to experience all that life had to offer, and with the freedom of being an artist, he found himself traveling the world and meeting many people from all walks of life. His beliefs rise and fall with each wave of new information and each experience as his vessel rocks back and forth in the perpetual motion of chaotic order.

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