A Handbook of Chemical Engineering: Illustrated with Working Examples and Numerous Drawings from Actual Installations, Volume 1

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Davis Bros., 1904 - Chemical engineering
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Page 428 - The moment that the level of the water is as low as the horizontal orifice which leads to the discharge, the steam blows through with a certain amount of violence...
Page 287 - It is thus whirled around with the velocity of influx, and a centrifugal force is developed, which throws the particles of water against the outer cylinder. These adhere to the surface, so that the water runs down continuously in a thin sheet around the outer shell into the receptacle below, while the steam, following...
Page 192 - RULE. — From half the sum of the three sides subtract each side separately ; multiply the half -sum and the three remainders together ; the square root of the product is the area.
Page 363 - Electrical energy, generated by falling water, is costing more at Rheinfelden, at Zurich, and at Buffalo, than it would cost in South Lancashire, if generated by steam power in large units, and the margin between the actual charge for water power at Niagara, and the estimated cost of steam power in large generating stations in South Lancashire, is only 125. id. per electrical horse-power year.
Page 191 - Or, to three times the square of the radius of the base of the segment add the square of its height, and multiply the sum by the height and by .5236.
Page 310 - FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS. Heat and mechanical energy are mutually convertible, and heat requires for its production, and produces by its disappearance, mechanical energy in the proportion of...
Page 358 - The governing of the motor is accomplished as follows : — Steam is admitted to the turbine in a series of gusts by the periodic opening and closing of a double beat valve operated by means of a steam relay in mechanical connection with the turbine shaft.
Page 192 - To find the area of a circle, multiply the square of the diameter by .7854.
Page 194 - If a certain mass be weighed first in air then in water, and the weight in air divided by the loss of weight in water, the...
Page 255 - In erecting this boiler, it is suspended entirely independent of the brickwork, from wrought iron girders resting on iron columns. This avoids any straining of the boiler from unequal expansion between it and its enclosing walls, and permits the brickwork to be repaired or removed, if necessary, without in any way disturbing the boiler. All the fixtures are extra heavy and of neat designs.

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