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false things are written about rss

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The author should attempt to get his facts right. Questioning known facts, ignoring court judgments and proliferating hatred in this manner is akin to extremism using the pen. Sad but publishers should atleast try and verify facts before they allow such books to be released.

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He didn't make even a single statement against any Christian extremist group. useless carp book... made by an Vatican terrorist. The entire world knows... I would suggest the author to visit south Tamilnadu, Kerala, north east state of India to know more about Christian baptist terrorist group. I would also suggest him to visit coastal orisa... they have destroyed n number of temples in north east part of india. Since the entire Indian media is controlled by catholic churches... none of the information about this group is coming to common people. Churches are openly supporting the naxal which works against the integrity of India. Every one knows the Christians percentage in Naxal group. I think the author wants to say that every religious supports terrorism except Christianity... good joke... The entire world knows... western world.. i would say Christians had created terrorism in Muslim countries to counter Russia. ..If the so called RSS, VHP and bajrag dal is extremist group, they wouldn't have allowed muslims to stay in india during the partition. this itself will be sufficient to judge about Hindu groups. Hinduism is the only religious in the world.. which doesn't invade other countries. I think the author doesn't have any knowledge about History / he would have read the history written by vatican people.
In last 63 years,
Muslim percentage raise in india is 800%...
Christian percentage raise in india is more than 300%...where as
hindus percentage raise in india is just 287%
For more information, please refer the Indian government website.
If the so called right groups of RSS, VHP and bajrang dal is terrorist group, they wouldnt have allowed their population.
I hope Jesus forgives the author for propagratig wrong information about other religious group.. thru this book.

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