Life and Writings of Ebenezer Porter Mason: Interspersed with Hints to Parents and Instructors on the Training and Education of a Child of Genius

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Dayton & Newman, 1842 - 252 pages
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Page 62 - THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET. How dear to this heart are the scenes of my childhood, When fond recollection presents them to view!
Page 128 - And read it like a talisman of love ! Press on ! for it is godlike to unloose The spirit, and forget yourself in thought ; Bending a pinion for the deeper sky, And, in the very fetters of your flesh, Mating with the pure essences of heaven ! Press on ! — ' for in the grave there is no work, And no device.
Page 133 - t is cast. Well were it did the spirit's light, Like that orb struggling from its night, As surely on its destined way, Wax brighter to the perfect day. Deeper hath swelled the evening shade, And mingled wooded hill and glade ; And raven-pinioned Night, In sable mantle dight, Arousing from her orient deep, Rides lowering up the darkened steep, While heaven's numerous pageantry Light onward her triumphal course, * On the " Starlight Bow," see Professor MORSE, in the American Journal of Science for...
Page 27 - Now take the germ and make it A bud of moral beauty. Let the dews Of knowledge, and the light of virtue, wake it In richest fragrance and in purest hues...
Page 132 - T is faded, like that brow when thought From eve a kindred calm hath caught. Swift over twilight's lovely face, Those changing hues each other chase ; Trembles from snowy depths afar The dawning of her earliest star, And glows the crescent's subtle horn, From the expiring sunset born — A gem upon her mantle worn, And binding night to day, Where evening hangs on day's retreat, Where bounds of light and darkness meet, And each on heaven's azure sheet In the other fades away. Wan Night upon her vesture's...
Page 133 - From light's own holy source ; Down, down the welkin's slanted side, Her robe of shade descends ; On the last ebb of even-tide, To earth it slowly bends. Beneath her solemn temple roof, Night walks in lone supremacy, And darkness weaves his braided woof, To deck yon boundless canopy. Ye stars ! that strew his funeral veil, Ye are no fleeting, changeful race ; What are ye then ? beyond the pale Of Death's cold reign and stern embrace ? Are ye immortal ? do ye share The deathless nature of the soul...
Page 220 - ... after his arrival, he said to me, ' Aunt, it is gratifying to see my friends, as an expression of their kindness, but I am very desirous, and I feel it to be of great importance to me, to be left alone. I wish you would place here for my use Scott's Bible, Doddridge's Rise and Progress, and Alleine's Alarm.' I remarked, ' My dear, you are very weak, and not able to read much : here is your Bible, where you know there is ample provision made for all you need.
Page 135 - His lion-mantle spreads, To watch his mighty form uprear, As, spurning earth with foot of air, He mounts upon the whirling sphere, And walks in solemn silence there ; To watch him in his slow decline, Until, to Ocean's hall restored, He bathe him in the welcome brine, And the wave sheathe his burning sword.
Page 43 - I've so many things to tell you that I hardly know where to begin. The great thing is the livery, but I want to come regularly up to that, and forget nothing by the way. I was uncertain for a long time how to have my prayer-book bound. Finally, after thinking about it a great deal, I concluded to have it done in pale blue velvet with gold clasps, and a gold cross...
Page 126 - Where woke my infancy to life and light ; Each everlasting hill its outline slants, As recollection imaged to my sight, And time flows back ; and my stirred bosom pants Once more with early boyhood to unite, And feel its careless breath go lightly forth, And hear the echoes mock its sounds of mirth. On each remembered spot the dizzy flight Of by-gone years is ruthlessly engraven ; And this is life ! still onward, in despite Of human power — perchance of that of heaven ; Like a raised wave before...

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