Pumps and Hydraulics, Part 1

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Audel, 1905 - Hydraulic machinery
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Page 78 - When the pipe AD is filled with water, the pressure upon the surface of the bellows, and consequently the force with which it raises the weights laid on it, will be equal to the weight of a cylinder of water, whose base is the surface of the bellows, and height that of the column AD. Therefore, by making the tube small, and the bellows large, the power of a given quantity of water, however small, may be increased indefinitely. The pressure of the column of water in this case corresponds to the ibrce...
Page 54 - ... of a pond or river. One end of the trough rests upon the bank, where a gutter is prepared to carry off the water, and the other end is dipped in the water, by a man standing on a stage, plunging it in with his foot. A long bamboo with a large weight of earth at the farther end of it, is fastened to the end of the jantu near the river, and passing over the gallows before mentioned, poises up the jantu full of water, and causes it to empty itself into the gutter.
Page 84 - A given pressure, as that made by a plug forced inwards upon a square inch of the surface of a fluid confined in a vessel, is suddenly communicated to every square inch of the vessel's surface, however large, and to every inch of the surface of any body immersed in it.
Page 91 - SPECIFIC, the proportion of the •weight of a body to that of an equal volume of some other substance adopted as a standard of reference. For solids and liquids the standard is pure water, at a temperature of 60 F., the barometer being at 30 inches.
Page 79 - Pressure exerted anywhere upon a mass of liquid is transmitted undiminished in all directions, and acts with the same force on all equal surfaces, and in a direction at right angles to those surfaces.
Page 23 - Unit (BTU) is the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
Page 138 - ... bankrupt, at the time he became bankrupt, or who was then jointly held or bound with such bankrupt, for the same debt or debts from which such bankrupt was discharged as aforesaid...
Page 40 - Syphon is a bent pipe or tube with legs of unequal length, used for drawing liquid out of a vessel by causing it to rise in the tube over the rim or top.
Page 336 - One piston acts to give steam to the other, after which it finishes its own stroke and waits for its valve to be acted upon before it can renew its motion. This pause allows all the water valves to seat quietly, and removes everything like harshness of motion.
Page 104 - Several familiar examples of capillary attraction may be added. A piece of sponge, or a lump of sugar, touching water by its lowest corner, soon becomes moistened throughout. The wick of a lamp lifts the oil to supply the flame, to the height of several inches. A capillary glass tube, bent in the form of a syphon, and having its shorter end inserted in a vessel of water, will fill itself and deliver over the water in drops.

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