Gairloch in North-west Ross-shire: Its Records, Traditions, Inhabitants, and Natural History with a Guide to Gairloch and Loch Maree

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Co-operative Print. Company, 1886 - Gairloch (Scotland) - 435 pages

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Page 371 - I found many of them armed for the hunting. As for their attire, any man, of what degree soever, that comes amongst them, must not...
Page 371 - Their habite is shooes with but one sole apiece ; stockings (which they call short hose) made of a warme stuff of divers colours, which they call tartane. As for breeches, many of them, nor their forefathers, never wore any, but a jerkin of the same stuffe that their hose is of, their garters being bands or wreathes of hay or straw, with a...
Page 343 - CALM on the breast of Loch Maree A little isle reposes ; A shadow woven of the oak And willow o'er it closes. Within, a Druid's mound is seen, Set round with stony warders : A fountain, gushing through the turf Flows o'er its grassy borders. way; And whoso bathes therein his brow, With care or madness burning, Feels once again his healthful thought And sense of peace returning. O restless heart and fevered brain, Unquiet and unstable, That holy well of Loch Maree Is more than idle fable!
Page 371 - Lycurgus had been there, and made laws of equality; for once in the year, which is the whole month of August, and sometimes part of September, many of the nobility and gentry of the kingdom (for their pleasure) do come into these Highland countries to hunt; where they do conform themselves to the habit of the Highlandmen, who, for the most part, speak nothing but Irish; and, in former time, were those people which were called the Red-shanks.
Page 153 - Et quia boves solent in sacrificio daemonum multos occidere, debet eis etiam hac de re aliqua sollemnitas immutari ; ut die dedicationis, vel natalitii sanctorum martyrum, quorum illic reliquiae ponuntur, tabernacula sibi circa easdem ecclesias, quae ex fanis commutatae sunt, de ramis arborum faciant, et religiosis conviviis...
Page 275 - I found the evidence altogether overwhelming against the upward succession which Murchison believed to exist in Eriboll from the base of the Silurian strata into an upper conformable series of schists and gneisses.
Page 149 - For as careful mothers and nurses, on condition they can get their children to part with knives, are contented to let them play with rattles, so they permitted ignorant people still to retain some of their fond and foolish customs, that they might remove from them the most dangerous and destructive superstitions.
Page 153 - Dei in esu suo animalia occidant, et donatori omnium de satietate sua gratias referant ; ut dum eis aliqua exterius gaudia reservantur, ad interiora gaudia consentire facilius valeant. Nam duris mentibus simul omnia abscidere impossibile esse non dubium est, quia et is, qui summum locum ascendere nititur, gradibus vel passibus, non autem saltibus elevatur.
Page 371 - Highlandmen, who, for the most part, speak nothing but Irish; and, in former time, were those people which were called the Red-shanks. Their habit is — shoes, with but one sole a-piece; stockings (which they call short hose), made of a warm stuff...
Page 148 - Such liberality, however, was rare. After desribing St. Maelrubha's Well on Innis Maree in the " Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland," volume iv., Sir Arthur Mitchell observes, " Near it stands an oak tree, which is studded with nails. To each of these was originally attached a piece of the clothing of some patient who had visited the spot. There are hundreds of nails, and one has still fastened to it a faded ribbon. Two bone buttons and two buckles we also found nailed to the tree....

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