The Dancing Faun

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New Age Press, 1908 - 149 pages
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Page 99 - Unmarried! I do not deny that is a serious blow. But after all, who has the right to cast a stone against one who has suffered? Cannot repentance wipe out an act of folly? Why should there be one law for men, and another for women?
Page 131 - She was sitting to his right. Her fingers closed on something that had been hidden in her handkerchief; then came the loud report of a pistol, a puff of smoke, a groan from Travers as he fell sideways with a crash in a heap among the brackens.
Page 46 - Shaw strove to plant in this void the seeds of a vigorous and improving energy. She needed willpower, and it was his role to supply this power vicariously from the batteries of his own will. He seemed to believe, so Florence observed, that 'what people say on the stage is real life, and what you see behind the scenes is play-acting'.
Page 53 - Cenci, it seemed to her some inspired spirit had entered her body and was making use of her voice to reveal to her what life, and love, and divine sorrow meant. From that day she settled down to hard work. She heard that some of...
Page 29 - Page 37. The characters are drawn with strong individuality, and the animated scenes follow rapidly in unbroken succession.
Page 100 - He is the only man in the world I could ever care for.
Page 49 - A civilised woman has very little taste for what may be termed pure passion ; it pleases her instinct perhaps, but it revolts her intellect, her imagination, her delicacy, her pride.
Page 92 - Our delirium is over. You are a woman full of dreams and imaginations ; you worry me with the persistent foolishness of your ideas and ideals. I am a man who knows all the moves, and the long and short of it is that I know how to play the game ; you do not.
Page 1 - Yes, Lady Geraldine, the only beauty in modern life is its falsehood. Its reality is ridiculous.
Page 12 - He is the sort of danger Stephen is bound to encounter sooner or later.

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