Foster's Complete Hoyle: An Encyclopedia of All the Indoor Games Played at the Present Day ...

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F.A. Stokes Company, 1897 - Games - 625 pages
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Page 168 - ... table ; but a card is not an exposed card when dropped on the floor, or elsewhere below the table. The following are exposed cards : — I. Two or more cards played at once.
Page 171 - ... any player or players who have played after him may withdraw their cards and substitute others : the cards withdrawn are not liable to be called.
Page 159 - ... they are touched for the purpose of gathering them together, may demand that the cards be placed before their respective players.
Page 238 - If any player lead out of turn, his adversaries may either call the card erroneously led — or may call a suit from him or his partner when it is next the turn of either of them to lead.
Page 167 - VI. Should the dealer deal two cards at once, or two cards to the same hand, and then deal a third ; but, if prior to dealing that third card, the dealer can, by altering the position of one card only, rectify such error, he may do so, except as provided by the second paragraph of this Law.
Page 171 - If a revoke occur, be claimed and proved, bets on the odd trick, or on amount of score, must be decided by the actual state of the latter, after the penalty is paid.
Page 170 - If any one play two cards to the same trick, or mix hia trump or other card with a trick to which it does not properly belong, and the mistake be not discovered until the hand is played out, he is answerable for all consequent revokes he may have made. If during the play of the hand the error be detected, the tricks may be counted face...
Page 169 - If any player lead out of turn and the other three follow him, the trick is complete and the error cannot be rectified; but if only the second, or second and third play to the false lead, their cards may be taken back; there is no penalty against any one...
Page 168 - All exposed cards are liable to be called, and must be left on the table; but a card is not an exposed card when dropped on the floor, or elsewhere below the table.
Page 165 - ... 19. Three players cutting cards of equal value cut again; should the. fourth (or remaining) card be the highest, the two lowest of the new cut are partners, the lower of those two the dealer ; should the fourth card be the lowest, the two highest are partners, the original lowest the dealer.

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