Manual of heavy artillery service: for the use of the army and militia of the United States

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James J. Chapman, 1891 - History - 516 pages
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Page 30 - When the color has to render honors, the colorbearer will salute as follows: At the distance of six paces slip the right hand along the lance to the height of the eye; lower the lance by straightening the arm to its full extent, the heel of the lance remaining at the hip, and bring back the lance to the habitual position when the person saluted shall be passed, or shall have passed, six paces.
Page 22 - ... through the column as the oblique commences. If marching in double time, or in quick time and the command be double time, the...
Page 10 - Any movement not specially excepted, may be executed in double time. If the movement be from the halt, or when marching in quick time, the command double time precedes the command march; if marching in double time, the command double time is omitted.
Page 24 - Being in column of squads, to change direction: 1. Column right (left), 2. MARCH. At the second command the front rank of the leading squad turns to the right on moving pivot as in the School of the Squad ; the other ranks, without command, turn successively on the same ground and in a similar manner.
Page 106 - If the piece is to be fired horizontally, or at an angle of depression, No. 4 hands a splint to No. 2, who presses it under the shell; replaces the tongs and, if necessary, sweeps his side of the platform; passes the broom to No. 1, and resumes his post.
Page 3 - ... the piece, the left leg straightened, the right knee bent, the body erect upon the haunches; and rests the end of the sponge in the muzzle, the staff in the prolongation of the bore, supported by the right hand, the right arm extended, the left hand flat against the side of the thigh. No. 2 steps to the muzzle, <and occupies a position on the left of the piece corresponding to that of no. 1 on its right. He seizes the staff with the left hand, back down, near to and outside of the hand of no....
Page 482 - The units of capacity measure are the gallon for liquid, and the bushel for dry measure. The gallon is a vessel containing 58372.2 grains (8.3389 pounds avoirdupois) of the standard pound of distilled water, at the temperature of maximum density of water, the vessel being weighed in air in which the barometer is 30 inches at 62 Fahrenheit.
Page 322 - ... easily distinguished at a distance. The same number should be entered on a list of supplies shipped in each vessel. The commander can then know exactly what resources he has with him. Some vessels, distinguished by particular signal, should be laden solely with such powder and ammunition as may not be required for the immediate service of the pieces. If it is necessary to reship or leave any articles on board the vessels, care should be taken to note them on the list. Boats of proper capacity...
Page 234 - Take the end of a rope in your right hand, and the standing part in your left. Lay the end over the standing part, and with the left hand make a bight of the standing part over it. Take the end under the lower standing part, up over the cross, and down through the bight.

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