The young analyst's exercise: Being a choice collection of a hundred algebraical problems, exhibiting all that is curious in simple and quadratic adfected equations. The whole illustrated with various methods of computation, as well by plain numbers and geometry, as by algebra; and calculated to the capacity of young beginners

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Printed by C. Jephson for John Wilcox, 1737 - Mathematics - 194 pages
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Page 39 - A man was hired 50 days on these conditions. — that, for every day he worked, he should receive $ '75, and, for every day he was idle, he should forfeit $ '25 ; at the expiration of the time, he received $ 27'50 ; how many days did he work...
Page 54 - End ? 30. A Labourer after 40 Weeks, in which he had been at work, lays up 28 Crowns — the Pay of three Weeks » and finds that he had expended 36 Crowns-J-tne Pay of eleven Weeks : What Pay did he receive a Week ? 31.
Page 103 - Horfe A, both the Horfes will be of equal Value : But if the Trappings be laid on the other Horfe, he will be double the Value of the firft : How much did the faid Horfes coft ? 41.
Page 119 - Three Merchants from three different Fairs meet together at an Inn, where they reckon up their Gains, and find them the Sum of 780 Crowns.
Page 3 - J_ fubtra&ing 5 from the Product, and the Remainder divided by 2, if the Number fought be added to the Quotient, that the Sam may be 40.
Page 86 - Ladder is to be fee upon the line AC, at fome point, fuppofe in E, of fuch a length, as from thence it may reach the top of both the Towers. We require the point E in the line of diftance, as alfo the length of the Ladder EB, ED? 34. In the Triangle ABC, the feveral fides АВ=13,' AC=i4, BC=i5 are given; and the perpendicular BD being drawn.
Page 179 - Miles diftant from one another; the firft goes 5 Miles a Day, and the other 3 Miles lefs than the Number of Days in which they meet. When will they meet ? Anfaer.
Page 169 - ... than of pepper; fo that the whole price of the pepper came to 6 crowns more than the price of the ginger : How many pounds of each did he buy for a crown I 87.
Page 145 - Let 600 foldiers be difpofed into an cblong battle ; which the colonel, willing to make broader, finds that if he takes away 10 ranks from the length, he...
Page 107 - If you take away 5 from my years, and divide the remainder by 8, the quotient will be £ of your age ; but if you add 2 to your age, and multiply the whole by 3} and then subtract 7 from the product, you will have the number of the years of my age. What was the age of the father and son ? Ans.

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