Annals of the New Church: 1688-1850

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Academy of the New Church, 1904
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Page 416 - Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church, signified by the New Jerusalem in the Revelation.
Page 395 - It is only when they come to their descriptive theism, if I may say so, and then to their drollest heaven, and to some autocratic, not moral, decrees of God, that the mythus loses me. In general, too, they receive the fable instead of the moral of their ./Esop.
Page 9 - ... and several times I revealed things at which my father and mother wondered; saying, -that angels must be speaking through me. From my sixth to my twelfth year I used to delight in conversing with clergymen about faith, saying that the life of faith is love, and that the love which imparts life is love to the neighbor; also that God gives faith to every one, but that those only receive it who practise that love.
Page 244 - A Seal upon the Lips of Unitarians, Trinitarians and all others, who refuse to acknowledge the sole, supreme and exclusive Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Page 429 - that it is the sense of this Convention, that no one of the societies, now its members, which shall neglect to become organized according to the Rules of Order adopted by the Convention until after the meeting of the Convention in the year 1839, ought thereafter to regard itself, or to be regarded, as a member of Convention.
Page 58 - Lord opened, daily very often, the eyes of my spirit, so that, in the middle of the day, I could see into the other world, and in a state of perfect wakefulness converse with angels and spirits.
Page 95 - After this work was finished, the Lord called together His twelve disciples, who followed him in the world; and the next day He sent them throughout the whole spiritual world to preach the Gospel, that the Lord Jesus Christ reigneth, whose kingdom shall endure for ever and ever, according to the prophecy in Daniel, c.
Page 226 - Depotitory of the Society for Printing and Publishing the Writings of the HON. EMANUEL SWEDENBORG, by WILLIAM NEWBERY, No.
Page 15 - I was introduced by the Lord into the natural sciences, and thus prepared, and indeed from the year 1710 to 1744, when heaven was opened to me.
Page 327 - That a candidate for ordination present himself before the Convention of Ministers and Delegates, with the requisite recommendations already prescribed, and there receive ordination; unless it should, be the particular desire of his own Society to have him ordained in their presence; in which latter case, the candidate shall present a certificate of approbation from the Convention, to any two Ministers possessing ordaining powers, and then receive ordination at their hands...

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