Straight America: A Call to National Service

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Macmillan, 1916 - Nationalism - 193 pages
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Page 21 - I, being over eighteen years of age, hereby pledge myself against enlistment as a volunteer for any military or naval service in international war, offensive or defensive, and against giving my approval to such enlistment on the part of others.
Page 52 - Robins Pennell is also sincere, and from her point of view justified, when she says with exceeding bitterness that, if Philadelphia blossomed like the rose with Mary Antins, the city would be but ill repaid for the degradation of her noble old streets now transformed into foul and filthy slums. Dirt is a valuable asset in the immigrant's hands. With its help he drives away decent neighbors, and brings property down to his level and his purse.
Page 197 - The first, direct, uncompromising demand for a new American mercantile marine. Mr. Meloney points out the opportunity that is now ours, the opportunity to recover our lost sea prestige and to set our flag waving again in every great port of the world. Not only is this merchant marine needed by our commerce — it is absolutely necessary and indispensable to the support of a truly adequate navy. The United States must be a vassal on the seas no longer. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY Publishers, 64-66 Fifth...
Page 139 - ... of good moral character, and is attached to the principles of the United States Constitution.
Page 200 - This book is due on the last date stamped below, or on the date to which renewed. Renewed books are subject to immediate recall.
Page 26 - Freedom of religious belief, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right of petition, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to vote without abridgment of this right because of race, color, sex, or previous condition of servitude. In short, the Constitution guarantees to every citizen, high or low, absolute freedom in thought and conduct, so long as he does nothing which interferes with the rights or liberties of a fellow citizen.
Page 188 - America be blotted by Calumets, Ludlows, Lawrences, and Wheatlands. The road to American citizenship, to the English language, and an understanding of American social and political ideals is the road to industrial peace. Even now, in...
Page 4 - ... bird of passage" who exploits us, and whom we pluck In return.ljhanks to the war, we have been freed from the delusion that we are a united nation marching steadily along an American highway of peace, prosperity, common ideals, beliefs, language, and purpose.
Page 116 - bosses' in this factory Americans. Be they of whatever nationality when they come in as laborers, they must be American citizens, loyal to America and American ideals and all they stand for, before they can hope for positions of responsibility and trust. We determined to make the prerequisite of success in this institution American patriotism and American nationalism. "We will employ foreign-born men, but it shall be understood that their only hope for advancement and preferment lies in their speedy...
Page 196 - These are questions which Mr. Dixon asks and to which he offers a clear and simple answer, broad and practical in vision. His suggestions are more than merely constructively patriotic — they are stirringly hopeful. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York...

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