Pharmaceutical Journal: A Weekly Record of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, Volume 7

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J. Churchill, 1848 - Pharmacy
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Page 278 - It is now well ascertained that three compound chemical bodies possess, when inhaled into the lungs, the power of superinducing a state of anaesthesia, or insensibility to pain in surgical operations, &c., namely Nitrous Oxide, Sulphuric Ether, and Perchloride of Formyle. The following tabular view sho'ws that these agents are entirely different from each other in their chemical constitution, and hence that their elementary composition affords no apparent clue to the explanation of their anaesthetic...
Page 251 - All thai is received under the name of precipitated sulphur — or "lac sulphur," as the merchants commonly term it — except when it is expressly ordered, from an honorable manufacturer, contains from 80 to 95 per cent. of sulphate of lime. Opium is often invoiced at one-third the value of good quality, and is found, upon examination, not to be worth even that. The same may be said of scammony. Most of the foreign extracts are not what they profess to be, and cannot be relied upon in the treatment...
Page 573 - Prince Albert, Albert Prince of Wales, and the rest of the Royal Family ;" which afforded another opportunity to the C'ompany to display their loyalty.
Page 192 - The oxide of tin thus obtained never appears perfectly white ; and the sulphuret of tin precipitated by sulphuretted hydrogen does not possess a purely yellow colour, which appears to arise from melting the metallic oxides with hydrate of soda in the silver crucible, traces of oxide of silver being removed by the alkaline solution. The results do not attain the highest degree of accuracy.
Page 192 - ... the same mixture. The antimony is then precipitated from the solution by sulphuretted hydrogen, and the amount of antimony estimated from the quantity of sulphuret obtained. I am at present accustomed to reduce the sulphuret of antimony by hydrogen in a porcelain crucible, through the lid of which a thin porcelain tube passes. This apparatus is now manufactured at the Royal Porcelain Works of Berlin.
Page 223 - ... 1 atom of A + 1 atom of B = 1 atom of C, binary. 1 atom of A + 2 atoms of B = 1 atom of D, ternary.
Page 192 - ... length of time, as otherwise some antimoniate would be dissolved. " The moist antimoniate of soda is now treated in a beaker with a mixture of hydrochloric and tartaric acids, in which it readily dissolves ; and the filter, upon which but mere traces of the salt should have collected, washed with the same mixture.
Page 293 - ... others laughing and talking wildly under the effects of a first pipe, whilst the couches around are filled with their different occupants, who lie languid, with an...
Page 289 - The seeds are in the first place taken to the building where the process of making the tallow is carried on, and picked and separated from the stalks. They are then put into a wooden cylinder, open at the top, but with a perforated bottom. This is placed over an iron vessel (about the same diameter or rather larger than the wooden cylinder, and about six or eight inches deep) containing water, by which means the seeds are well steamed, for the purpose of softening the tallow and causing it more readily...
Page 292 - A few days of this fearful luxury, when taken to excess, will give a pallid and haggard look to the face ; and a few months, or even weeks, will change the strong and healthy man into little better than au idiot skeleton. The pain they suffer when deprived of the drug, after long habit, no language can explain ; and it is only when to a certain extent under its influence that their faculties are alive.

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