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Reviewed Jan 2002
Written much like "Demon Haunted World" Sagan uses essays to make his point about the issues important to him, the environment, the arms race, abortion rights, space global
warming, ozone depletion and peace in the Universe.
His arguments are convincing and leading, sometimes he uses chemical formulas of physics to make his point which is where he usually looses me. His first chapter "Billions & Billions" is very interesting about numbers, large numbers. I guess I never really thought about how big a billion really is, its quite large! His chapter, "The Twentieth Century" will probably the most helpful for my Capstone, as it deals with science education and how it compares to the rest of the world.
The last chapter of his book "in the Valley of the Shadow" deals with the illiness that finally caused his death. his honesty about his thoughts on life and death were heart-wrenching. Part of the chapter is written while in his hospital bed during treatment. His wife Anne writes the epilogue to the reader speaking of her love for him. Through Carl Sagan will not live ever after in a spirit world, he will continue to live on and inspire other through his work. RIP

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