The Topographical Poems of John O'Dubhagain and Giolla Na Naomh O'Huidhrin

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John O'Donovan
Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society, 1862 - Ireland - 199 pages
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Page cxl - ... made to the sources of information at present extant in print. The immediate object of this Society is to print in the original, with accurate English translations and annotations, the unpublished documents illustrative of Irish history, especially those in the ancient and obsolete language of the country, many of which can be faithfully translated and elucidated only by scholars who have been long engaged in the study of the Celtic remains of Ireland. The publication of these manuscripts will...
Page cxliv - Academy, in the original Irish; with a Translation and Notes, and a Map of Hy-Many, by JOHN O'DONOVAN, Esq.
Page cxl - Society, founded in 1840, and the Celtic Society, established in 1845. The present Society has been formed by the union of these two bodies, under the name of the " Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society," for the preservation of the monuments illustrative of Irish history, and for the publication of the historic, bardic, ecclesiastical, and topographical remains of Ireland, especially such as are extant in the Irish language. Since the union of the two Societies, two important volumes have been...
Page cxliv - Edited from the Book of Lecan in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy ; in the original Irish, with a Translation and Notes, and a Map of Hy-Many, by JOHN O'DONOVAN.
Page cxlv - The Annals of Ireland, by John Clyn, of Kilkenny ; from a MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, collated with another in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Page cxliii - A Brife Description of Ireland, made in this year 1589, by Robert Payne, vnto xxv. of his partners, for whom he is vndertaker there.
Page cxl - The Books of the Society are published solely for the use of its Subscribers, who are divided into two classes: Members, who pay three pounds admission, and one pound per annum; and Associates, who pay an annual subscription of one pound, without any entrance fee. The Fundamental Laws of the Society regulate the privileges of each class of Subscribers, who can also obtain the publications of the two former Societies, at the rates, and under the conditions specified in the present Prospectus.
Page cxlv - EXCIDIUM, the Destruction of Cyprus; being a secret History of the Civil War in Ireland, under James II., by Colonel Charles O'Kelly. Edited in the Latin from a MS. presented by the late Professor M'Cullagh to the Library of the Royal Irish Academy ; with a Translation from a MS.
Page 19 - ... or contrariety of speech. Thus a man of excellent parts, and beloved of all men, shall be called grana, that is, naughty or fit to be complained of; if a man have a beautiful countenance, or lovely eyes, they will call him Cuiegh, that is, squint-eyed ; if a great house-keeper, he shall be called Ackerisagh, that is, greedy.
Page cxli - Edited from a MS. in the British Museum, with Notes, by the REV. RICHARD BUTLER, AB, MRIA 2.

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