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James Garfield is one of my favorite US presidents, although he was one of the shortest in office. But I guess the fact that he served for so long in other political functions, makes his presidency just be the end of long political live.
But most interesting is the historical period: The spoil-system in full activity and all run from NY. When I watched the 2 conventions for the election 2016, similarities in both parties can be seen.
Comparing with Fukuyama's theory, that this type of democratic system is necessary to form a free society, and the possibility to fall back, make me feel living history just now. An as the US is the shinning example, that it is possible to overcome spoil-systems as a form of democratic organisation, it seams to confirm, that the falling back is quite easy.
For all that, the live of James Garfield and his case, is the best starting point to understand the most important successful historical example.

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Destiny of the Republic
I only read the "Description", I'm already fascinated.

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A tense, fascinating, and well told story
I never would have thought that a book about President Garfield could be this good. Even after reading and loving The River of Doubt, I was skeptical of the
book. I decided to give it a try, though, and I'm so glad I did. In my opinion this book far outshines her previous work. This book captured my attention and refused to let go until the last page. Going back to The River of Doubt, I find her use of detail in that book bogs it down a bit, where the detail in this book causes the world to come alive. After this book, I cannot wait for her next. 

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Destiny of the Republic
Great book! I had no idea that President Garfield was so interesting! I originally bought this book for my husband. Am I glad that I didn't let it sit on a shelf waiting for him to pick it up. I can't wait to read Millard's first book.

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