Leading Events of Wisconsin History: The Story of the State

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Sentinel Company, 1898 - Wisconsin - 322 pages

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Page 221 - Just where the tide of battle turns, Erect and lonely, stood old John Burns. How do you think the man was dressed? He wore an ancient, long buff vest, Yellow as saffron,— but his best; And buttoned over his manly breast Was a bright blue coat with a rolling collar, And large gilt buttons, — size of a dollar, — With tails that the country-folk called "swaller.
Page 221 - While on the left — where now the graves Undulate like the living waves That all that day unceasing swept Up to the pits the rebels kept — Round shot ploughed the upland glades, Sown with bullets, reaped with blades ; Shattered fences here and there Tossed their splinters in the air; The very trees were stripped and bare; The barns that once held yellow grain Were heaped with harvests of the slain...
Page 221 - ... the ranks in whispers, and some men saw, In the antique vestments and long white hair, The Past of the Nation in battle there ; And some of the soldiers since declare That the gleam of his old white hat afar, Like the crested plume of the brave Navarre, That day was their oriflamme of war.
Page 10 - The French dominion is a memory of the past, and when we evoke its departed shades they rise upon us from their graves in strange, romantic guise. Again their ghostly camp-fires seem to burn, and the fitful light is cast around on lord and vassal and black-robed priest, mingled with wild forms of savage warriors, knit in close fellowship on the same stern errand.
Page 265 - To persuade employers to agree to arbitrate all differences which may arise between them and their employees, in order that the bonds of sympathy between them may be strengthened and that strikes may be rendered unnecessary.
Page 96 - The said territory, and the States which may be formed therein, shall forever remain a part of this confederacy of the United States of America, subject to the Articles of Confederation, and to such alterations therein as shall be constitutionally made; and to all the acts and ordinances of the United States in Congress assembled, conformable thereto.
Page 220 - HAVE you heard the story that gossips tell Of Burns of Gettysburg ? — No ? Ah, well ! Brief is the glory that hero earns, Briefer the story of poor John Burns : He was the fellow who won renown, — The only man who didn't back down When the rebels rode through his native town, But held his own in the fight next day, When all his townsfolk ran away.
Page 166 - The BOOK OF THE LAW OF THE LORD Consisting of An Inspired Translation of Some of the Most Important Parts of the Law Given to Moses, and a Very Few Additional Commandments, with Brief Notes and References. PRINTED BY COMMAND OF THE KING. AT THE ROYAL PRESS, ST. JAMES, ARI...
Page 88 - One day, having landed on the shore of the Mississippi, some miles below Lake Pepin, whilst my attendants were preparing my dinner, I walked out to take a view of the adjacent country. I had not proceeded far before I came to a fine, level, open plain, on which I perceived at a little distance a partial elevation, that had the appearance of an intrenchment.
Page 263 - No school shall be regarded as a school, under this act, unless there shall be taught therein, as part of the elementary education of children, reading, writing, arithmetic and United States history, in the English language.

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