History And Directory of Kent County, Michigan Containing A History of Each Township, and the City of Brand Rapids

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Page 124 - He said he wished to do business like white people. So our friend made out his bill and repaired to the Chief's house, and was ushered in with all the politeness imaginable. He promptly paid the bill, and signified his wish to have it receipted. After showing him all his presents, and donning his suit which Gen. Jackson had presented him, he brushed his hair back and imitated the walk of the General, taking long strides back and forth across the room ; and also mimicked that of the Vice President,...
Page 121 - ... completed; a part of the extensive machinery is soon to be put in operation. There are now several dry goods and grocery stores, some three or four public houses, one large church .erected and soon to be finished in good style, upon the expense of a single individual, who commenced business a few years ago by a small traffic with the Indians. Such is the encouragement to western pioneers! The village plat is upon...
Page 122 - Turning westward, especially at the setting of the sun, you behold the most enchanting prospect — the din of the ville below — the broad sheet of water murmuring over the rapids — the sunbeams dancing upon its swift gliding ripples — the glassy river at last losing itself in its distant meanderings, presents a scenery that awakes the most lively emotions. But the opposite shore, upon which you behold a rich, fertile plain, still claims no sm'all amount of admiration. Near the bank of the...
Page 121 - ... clime, were sufficient to satisfy the observing mind that nothing but the frown of Providence could blast its prospects ! The river upon which this town is situated is one of the most important and delightful to be found in the country — not important and beautiful alone for its clear, silver-like water winding its way through a romantic valley of some hundred miles, but for its width and depth, its susceptibility for steam navigation, and the immense hydraulic power afforded at this point.
Page 37 - ... the flat side. One tier of these was laid with the flat side up and the other with the flat side down, so that the outside edge of the upper tier fitted into the gutter of the lower. The floor and door of the house were made of plank, or as woodsmen usually call them " puncheons,
Page 24 - Michigan," settled here, where he still remains, a much esteemed citizen. Some years previous to coming hither, Mr. Chipman, being obliged, by a decline in his health, to give up his profession, joined a regiment of soldiers just starting out for our Western coast, and when he was discharged, remained as a pioneer in California. He was a member of the Convention which framed the Constitution of that State when it was admitted into the Union. Returning to New York, he spent some time with his friends,...
Page 122 - It is from this point, too, that you can see in the distance the evergreen tops of the lofty pine, waving in majesty above the sturdy oak, the beech, and maple, presenting to the eye a wild, undulating plain, with its thousand charms. Such is the location, the beauties, and the advantages of this youthful town. The citizens are of the most intelligent, enterprising and industrious character. Their buildings are large, tasty, and handsomely furnished — the clatter of mallet and chisel — the clink...
Page 48 - Mass., selected a site for his future home near the center of the township on sections 22, 15 and 14, to which he brought his family in the summer of 1842. Horace Sears, from New York, and Zerah and Ezra Whitney, (father and brother to Peter) accompanied them in their journey and settled in Whitneyville.
Page 56 - ... 1.25 an acre, get their families and household goods transported through the wilderness, and gain a foothold on their farms. But with persistent energy they set to work, and the heavy forests began to disappear. It was soon found to be one of the richest tracts in the vicinity for agricultural purposes, and at the present date is ore of the best in the county.
Page 65 - ... These were only a part of the Robinsons. Rix Robinson had been trading with the Indians at Thornapple — now called Ada — for several years previous to this, and had one son by the squaw whom he had taken for a wife soon after he came there. A year later, in 1836, another brother, named Lewis, came with his family and settled on the west bank of Flat River, in the south part of what is now the village of Lowell. He was soon followed by Rodney, a brother from the Blendon settlement, who remained...

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