to his royal highness prince albert

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Page 166 - With woodbine, many a perfume breathed From plants that wake when others sleep, From timid jasmine buds, that keep Their odour to themselves all day, But, when the sunlight dies away, Let the delicious secret out To every breeze that roams about...
Page 178 - This done, proceed with all expedition to take off a bud ; holding the cutting or scion in one hand, with the thickest end outward, and, with the knife in the other hand, enter it about half an inch or more below...
Page 116 - It differs in very little, and would under ordinary circumstances be looked on as a mere variety with pink-tubed flowers somewhat larger than usual. But it is a wild plant, having been raised in the Garden of the Horticultural Society from seeds sent from the north of India by Dr. Royle under the name here adopted. This much is certain, that it is quite capable of braving the climate of an English winter.
Page 60 - These leaves assume a pallid hue until the sun appears ; when, within the short period of six hours of a clear sky and bright sunshine, their colour is changed to a beautiful green.
Page 118 - Spanish main, and it is not improbable that others may lurk in the unexamined forests of that vast region. Warrea cyanea is remarkable for the intense porcelainblue colour of its lip, to which it is not easy to find a parallel in the order ; for pure blue is scarcely known among Orchids. The plant has quite the habit of Warrea tricolor, but is very much smaller in all its parts. Its most distinctive character is found in the form of its lip, which has a distinct point, and five ribs, not three, near...
Page 93 - Hartweg, who collected it on the arid banks of the river Guallabamba, in the valley of San Antonio, in the province of Quito, at an elevation of about 7,000 feet above the level of the sea. As this was the place where Humboldt and Bonpland found their Hœmanthus dubius, it is not improbable that it is of P. obtusa rather than chloracra that this plant is a synonym.
Page 261 - A very pretty species of potentilla, with something of the habit of the old P. nepalensis, but with very delicate and beautiful flowers ; the ground color clear yellow, over which at the base is drawn a series of long hexagonal red meshes, which form towards the circumference of the flower, other meshes of a finer and closer fabric, till at last they melt and run into each other, and form a clear red border to each petal.
Page 153 - No one who has had experience in the progress of Botany, as a science, can doubt that it has been more impeded in this country by the repulsive appearance of the names which it employs than by any other cause whatever ; and that, in fact, this circumstance has proved an invincible obstacle to its becoming the serious occupation of those who are unacquainted with the learned languages, or who, being acquainted with them, are fastidious about euphony, and Greek or Latin purity.
Page 178 - ... slanting cut, about half an inch or more above the bud, so deep as to take off part of the wood along with it, the whole about an inch and a half long...
Page 110 - ... thumb, put into the glass every time the water is changed, will preserve cut flowers in all their beauty for above a fortnight. Nitrate of potash (that is, common saltpetre) in powder has nearly the same effect, but it is not quite so efficacious.

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