Geodęsia: Or, The Art of Surveying and Measuring Land Made Easie

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W. Taylor, 1720 - Logarithms - 196 pages

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Page 54 - Inftruments for the taking of an , Angle in the Field. There are but two material things (towards the meafuring of a piece of Land ) to be done in the Field ; the one is to meafure the Lines ( which I have...
Page 159 - We wish to prove that The three angles of any triangle are equal to two right angles. Let...
Page 60 - Lines or not, if you can write ftreight, and in good order, the Figures directly one under another. For this I leave you chiefly to your own fancy ; for I believe there are not two Surveyors in England, that have exactly the fame Method for their Field Notes. Of the Scale.
Page 154 - All Circles are in proportion ,to one another as the Squares of their Diameters ; therefore, if you divide the Square of the Diameter or Semidiameter, and extract the Root, you wit!
Page 52 - Inches : The Defcription of which Chain, and how to reduce it into any other Meafure, you have at large in the foregoing Chapter of Meafure. In this place I fhall only give you fome few Directions for the Ufe of it in meafuring Lines. Take care that they who carry the Chain deviate not from a ftrait Line ; which you may do by ftanding at your Inftrument, and looking thro...

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