Heaven's antidote to the curse of labour; or, The temporal advantages of the sabbath, considered in relation to the working classes. (Working men's essays on the sabbath. 1st prize).

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Partridge and Oakey, 1849
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Page 134 - I have found, by a strict and diligent observation, that a due observation of the duty of this day hath ever had joined to it a blessing upon the rest of my time, and the week that hath been so begun hath been blessed and prosperous to me...
Page xxiii - For as we have many members In one body, and all members have not the same office: So we, being many, are one body in Christ and every one members one of another.
Page 2 - The indorsement of supreme delight, Writ by a Friend, and with His blood ; The couch of time ; care's balm and bay ; The week were dark, but for thy light: Thy torch doth show the way.
Page 72 - The INSTRUCTION dispensed on this day is of a character calculated to expand, refine, and sublimate the mind. It embraces a boundless range of topics, from the simplest elements of knowledge appreciable by the dullest intellect, to the most recondite mysteries that baffle the highest reason. It unseals the fountain-head of Truth, in the nature of God. It unlocks the treasures of divine philosophy, in Creation, in Providence, and in Redemption. It impresses into its sacred service, whatever is beautiful...
Page 20 - The day which all mankind celebrate." Porphyry says, " The Phosnicians consecrated one day in seven as holy." Lucian remarks, " The seventh day is given to schoolboys as a holyday." Eusebius observes, " Almost all the philosophers and poets acknowledge the seventh day as holy.
Page 18 - Do you regard its weekly advent as au unwelcome intrusion — as a perpetual restriction on your privileges, a curb to your enterprise, and a sacrifice to your pocket ? Can you read no inscription of Divine loving-kindness on its serene brow, and discover none of the gifts strewn by its bountiful hands ? Are you accustomed to yawn away its lagging hours in idleness, or sport them away in folly or in wantonness ? Oppressed by the insipidity of inaction, do you cry, " Oh, what a weariness it is ! When...
Page 135 - ... been blessed and prosperous to me ; and, on the other side, when I have been negligent of the duties of this day, the rest of the week has been unsuccessful and unhappy to my own secular employments ; so. that I could easily make an estimate of my successes...
Page 43 - Think of the beauty it would efface ; of the merry-heartedness it would extinguish ; of the giant-strengths that it would tame ; of the resources of nature that it would exhaust ; of the aspirations it would crush ; of the sicknesses that it would breed; of the projects it would wreck; of the groans that it would extort ; of the lives that it would immolate ; and of the cheerless graves that it would prematurely dig ! See them. toiling and moiling, sweating and fretting, grinding...
Page 16 - It is a sacred inheritance bequeathed by successive generations of the godly — see then that its frail fences are kept unbroken, and that its fruitful soil is not, through neglect, cursed with sterility and nakedness ! The fifty-two Sabbaths of rest with which the year is interspersed, are like patches of verdure, watered by ever-springing fountains, that dot the inhospitable wilderness, and invite its fainting travellers to exhilaration and repose.
Page iii - Prize Essays on the temporal advantages of the Sabbath to the Labouring Classes, and the consequent importance of preserving its rest from all the encroachments of unnecessary labour, by Five Working Men".

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