Mackenzie's Five Thousand Receipts: In All the Useful and Domestic Arts: Constituting a Complete Practical Library Relative to Agriculture, Bees, Bleaching

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J. Kay, 1831 - Formulas, recipes, etc - 456 pages
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Page 5 - flux. Deflagrate, and afterwards pulverize, 2 parts of nitre, and 1 part of tartar. The above fluxes answer the purpose very well, provided the ores be deprived of all their sulphur; or, if they contain much earthy matters, because, in the latter case, they unite with them, and convert them
Page 124 - layers of pommage. The straw when heated, gives a disagreeable taste to the cider. 5. As the cider runs from the press, let it pass through a hair sieve into a large open vessel, that will hold as much juice as can be expressed in one day. In a
Page 8 - it gradually, till the metal begins to work; if it should appear too thick, make it thinner by the addition of a little more lead; if the metal should boil too rapidly, the fire should be diminished. The surface will be covered by degrees with a mass of scoria, at which time
Page 5 - it likewise appears, that such a discriminating knowledge can only be acquired from an extensive practice, or from a knowledge of the chemical affinities and actions of different bodies upon each other. in assaying, we are at liberty to use the most expensive materials to effect our purpose, hence
Page 7 - adheres to the upper part of the vessel; when it must be carefully collected with a view to ascertain its weight. Sometimes a single sublimation will not be sufficIent, for the arsenic in many cases will melt with the ore, and prevent its total volatilization; in which
Page 2 - the times therein mentioned;' and also to an Act, entitled, “An Act Supplementary
Page 6 - of a quintal of powdered charcoal, and 4 quintals of decrepitated sea salt; this mixture is to be put into a crucible, lined on the inside with clay and powdered charcoal; a cover must be luted upon the crucible, and the crucible itself exposed to a violent fire for an hour, and when it is cool, broken. When,
Page 17 - solution so that the noxious vapour escapes into the air, Then a little of this solution is poured into a basin, and with a brush dipped therein, they stroke over the surface of the metal to be gilt, which immediately becomes
Page 8 - it in a forge fire, or in a hot furnace, for this ore is very difficult of fusion. When well fused, a metallic regulus will be found at the bottom, covered with a scoria of a deep blue colour: as almost all cobalt ores contain bismuth, this is reduced by the same operation as the
Page 36 - of porphyry. This black goes a great way in every kind of painting. It may be rendered drier by calcination in close vessels. The funnel ought to be united to

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