A visit to St. Petersburg, in the winter of 1829-30

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Page 187 - Allons ferme, poussez, mes bons amis de cour, Vous n'en epargnez point, et chacun a son tour.
Page 167 - The benediction is then pronounced, the new-married couple are led to the holy place, where they kiss the pictures of the saints, and the ceremony is finished. " In any other country it would be supposed, that when a lovely person, like Mademoiselle , was sacrificed at the altar by her friends, their object must have been to secure a rich and noble husband for a portionless daughter. But this was not the case ; she had an independent fortune, and her future husband had neither title, connexions,...
Page 86 - ... et sur un lit de repos et dans les bras de sa famille. ; Le Rubicon sacré bouillonne franchi par César ; Rome succombe, la loi n'est plus qu'un vain fantôme! Soudain Brutus se leve, et César meurt abattu aux pieds de Pompée , que réjouit son dernier soupir.
Page 106 - Neva and its various branches to so great a height, that at five in the morning the waters poured over their banks, and suddenly overflowed the town, but more particularly the Vassili Ostrof and the island of St.
Page 236 - ... the window, with his back turned to him. His first impulse is to express his surprise at seeing the General, who, without noticing his salute, points to the individual at the window; the stranger turns round, and he finds himself in the presence of the Emperor. Struck with astonishment, he begins to mutter some expressions of regret at the disasters, which public report had already widely disseminated, when Napoleon stops him in his harangue by a loud laugh, and exclaims, ' Du sublime au ridicule...
Page 167 - During this commencement the bride appeared much agitated ; but she soon mastered her emotion, though the heaving bosom and trembling taper still gave evidence of the internal struggle. The questions and replies, together with the interchange of rings, correspond with the rites of other churches ; but there is one ceremony peculiar to the Greek church, which is at once symbolical and affecting. The pope takes the cup of wine, and invites the betrothed pair to drink of it alternately, as a tacit engagement...
Page 166 - ... to be removed to the nuptial chamber. 'The mutual friends were assembled, and formed a circle in their usual dress, the relations only being in full uniform with their cordons and decorations. The bridegroom arrived first, and joined the group, who were eager to express their congratulations on the occasion ; in a short time appeared the bride, attended by her family and the usual attendants. It would be rare to see a handsomer person ; she was dressed in white, with much taste and simplicity...
Page 86 - Que le billot soit le terme de ta vie, la vertu n'en consacre pas moins ta cendre proscrite ; un souffle divin s'y conserve encore ; ton ombre courageuse plane sur le pays si cher à ton cœur; elle menace toujours la force usurpatrice, et sur ton auguste mausolée brille, au lieu d'épitaphe, un poignard sans inscription.
Page 375 - Five years ago there was not a single steam-vessel of any nation plying from her ports; now those of England, France, Austria, and Egypt number 18 regular opportunities to and fro every month from Alexandria. When will our Government build the 'Great Eastern...
Page 108 - My first, though your house, nay your life, he defends, You ungratefully name like the wretch you despise ; My second, I speak it with grief, comprehends All the brave, and the good, and the learn'd, and the wise. Of my third I have little or nothing to say, Except that it tells the departure of day.

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