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Will Freeman...
Will Freeman, so dowdy,
has a special way to meet women.
He joins a group for single parents.
SPAT (Single Parents-Alone Together)
A loser. A liar. He pretends he has a child. His father, died setting him up, with royalties from a song which he can't stand. He's never worked, he's what you would call a "good for nothing!"
He's definitely not into long term relationships, you get that right from the start.
He meets Marcus a twelve year old boy and his suicidal mother. Marcus desperate for a father figure plans a future for them. He wants Will to get together with his mother. Take it from there...
I totally enjoyed this book. I loved Nick Hornby's beautiful writing style. His characters came to life. The type of book you don't want to put down, feeling empathy for the boy and his mother, even Will.
I'd give it five stars. *****
Michael Estey

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Great novel by a great writer. The movie isn't so bad either. I recommend then both.

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must read
of course way better than the movie, although the movie was pretty great.

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I love Hornby's ability to create odd, flawed, weird -- yet wholly sympathetic characters. In About A Boy, a nerdy 12 year-old is getting bullied at school, and he turns to a disconnected, slacker 30-something -- who invented a two year-old son to make it easier to meet single moms -- for help.
Along the way we become acquainted with a whole raft of interesting people, and like all Hornby's stuff, the dialogue crackles with energy.
Hornby's protagonists are usually cynical 30-something males who are lost and rudderless, and by the end of the book, this one is moving in a purposeful direction, though it's all done without any cloying, Hollywood-style (re: unbelievable) miracles.
It's another reason Hornby has become a favorite writer.

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