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This is a great little book and I have fond memories of it. I do wonder though how someone can be so closed minded and hateful about one picture of a naked little boy. If there is anything other than innocent in this it is in the mind of the reader, surely. It is a great book and I loved it as a child and now that I'm an adult. A shame people have to sully the reviews with their personal agendas. Maurice Sendak was a brilliant story teller. Where the wild things are is another fantastic book. 

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I hated this book. I had this book, and when I opened it, it included inappropiate scenes, like when it showed the boy naked. Like really, he was NAKED! How is this book for Children?!! Do not show this to your children! Especially little girls. I do not recommend this book to parents and teachers who do not want to ruin chidren's imagination. 

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