The private life of King Edward VII (Prince of Wales, 1841-1901)

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D. Appleton, 1901 - History - 306 pages

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Page 81 - Here lies Fred, Who was alive, and is dead. Had it been his father, I had much rather. Had it been his brother, Still better than another. Had it been his sister, No one would have missed her. Had it been the whole generation, Still better for the nation. But since 'tis only Fred, Who was alive, and is dead, There's no more to be said.
Page 307 - A singularly attractive picture of Queen Victoria. . . . The interests and occupations that make up the Queen's day, and the functions of many of the members of her household, are described in a manner calculated to gratify the natural desire to know what goes on behind closed doors that very few of the world's dignitaries are privileged to pass.
Page 165 - WHEN I was in trouble I called upon the Lord : and he heard me. 2 Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips : and from a deceitful tongue.
Page 307 - The anonymous author of these sketches of the reigning sovereigns of Europe appears to have gathered a good deal of curious information about (heir private lives, manners, and customs, and has certainly in several instances had access to unusual sources. The result is a volume which furnishes views of the kings and queens concerned, far fuller and more intimate than can be found elsewhere...
Page 308 - The scope of the work may best be explained by the tides of the chapters, which are : 1 . Medical Outfit of the Early Colonists. 2. Medical Notions at the Period of Settlement. 3. Folk Speech and Mother English. 4. Weights and Measures of Conduct. 5. The Tradition of Education. 6. Landholding in the Early Colonies. This is no ordinary historical work, but a startling view of life before science. No such account has ever been given of the colonists, and no such view exists of England in the seventeenth...
Page 307 - Cloth, $10.00. ** A full and impartial biography of a noble and enlightened prince. . . . Mr. Martin's work is not gossipy, not light, nor yet dull, guarded in its details of the domestic lives of Albert and Victoria, but sufficiently full and familiar to contribute much interesting information.
Page 80 - My dear Lord, I will give it you under my hand," replied the Queen, "if you are in any fear of my relapsing, that my dear first-born is the greatest ass, and the greatest liar, and the greatest canaille, and the greatest beast, in the whole world, and that I most heartily wish he was out of it.
Page 307 - SOVEREIGNS AND COURTS OF EUROPE. -^ The Home and Court Life and Characteristics of the Reigning Families. By " POLITIKOS." With many Portraits. I2mo. Cloth, $1.50. "A remarkably able book, ... A great deal of the inner history of Europe is to be found in the work, and it is illustrated by admirable portraits.
Page 81 - Who was alive and is dead : ' Had it been his Father, ' I had much rather ; ' Had it been his Brother, ' Sooner than any other ; ' Had it been his Sister, ' There's no one would have missed her; ' Had it been his whole generation, ' Best of all for the Nation : ' But since it's only Fred, There's no more to be said."1 Friedrich visits Ost-Friesland.
Page 307 - Turk party and a resident of Paris. It is announced that he has been recently condemned to death by the Sultan on account of this book. The Private Life of King Edward VII. By a Member of the Royal Household. Illustrated. I2mo. Cloth, $1.50. " While the book gives a narrative that is intimate and personal in character, it does not descend to vulgar narrative. It is a book which will be found of unusual interest.

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